Headlice, what shitty little creatures, they suck blood from your head and make you pay like a million pound to get rid of them! Like honest...

5 Way to get rid of Headlice

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Headlice, what shitty little creatures, they suck blood from your head and make you pay like a million pound to get rid of them! Like honestly full marks/headrin/vamoose I haven't got £20million to spend on your product, but then it has to be the right one the one that's suitable for under 2's and KILLS THEM ALL!

headlice tips

It took me forever to keep Olli still, trying to sit him in between my legs to go through his hair and keep picking up the toys he kept dropping, toys we gave him to occupy himself while I went on a killing spree with the nit comb! Its so not as easy as you think, why oh why did he have to catch them :( seeing my poor little man scrabbing at his head in such annoyance and crying cause it hurts :(
Mummas not happy then!

Megan and laten were the firsts to have them, so we tried like 2 different soloutions to get rid of them and they just seem to be coming back or catching them again from other kids they've played with, then Lilli caught them, it took 3 good attempts to get rid of them and were still having to treat her hair once a week, lets hope theyre gone before she starts school cause that would just be hell on my part!
And then little man, at first I thought it may of just been cradle cap, or the fact he has long hair and he was hot, but oh was I wrong, so we combed and combed and fingers crossed I got them all!

So how do you treat kids with nits?

1)without using expensive lotions we just got tea tree shampoo (apparently they don't like it or something).
Then I got some spray in leave in conditioner, so I sprayed his hair all over gave it a good brush, sprayed it a second time to get it wet from root to tip and just nit combed it through, now as I said above its not the easiest job with a wriggling toddler but we got there.

2) If option 1 doesn't work try this Headlice lotion, its expensive but worth it, its called Derbac M Liquid, its in boots for around £15 you put the lotion on, leave it overnight then comb it all out in the morning, most of them drop out onto the pillow so make sure you use old bedding or put it on a very hot wash after! And an added bonus! ITS FOR OVER 6 MONTHS so can be used by mostly anyone!

3) The good old electric comb, now I remember this when I was younger and it used annoy me with the beeping but it does a good job, it zaps the lice and beeps when I does it, these are around £20 but last forever cause they just run on batteries!

4) Shave Their Hair short (mostly this is for boys) its so much easier to handle when they have short hair, and boys hair always grows back super fast!!

5) Spray/protect their hair, there is lots of prevention sprays and lotions but I find that hair spray or leave in conditioner works really well especially for school kids :)

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks to get rid of headlice! And Don't forget to sign up for email updates so you don't miss the next posts!


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