Welcome back for Part 2 of the Emergency Plan, If your just joining don't forget to check out Part 1 HERE . Does you family know ...

Emergency Plan Part 2, 10 top tips

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Welcome back for Part 2 of the Emergency Plan, If your just joining don't forget to check out Part 1 HERE.

Does you family know what to do in an emergency? Does your chid know what to do if there is a fire or if you have collapsed? Can they call 999? Mine are leaning but still not 100% there but it will take time, so here are my top tips for creating your emergency plan, so grab a pen and paper and write it down!
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1) Teach your children what types of accident or emergency need 999 attention, go through when you would need to call emergency services and what you would need to ask for/say.

2) show them how to call for help in a situation where there is no phone around, make up certain scenarios and see how they would handle it.

3) Roll play, we used to do this when we were younger, to see how we attack a bad guy or someone trying to hurt us, its always helpful to see how they would do it so you can show them how they could do it differently.

4)Write down everyone's details, names, dates of birth, religion, numbers, allergies, medical conditions and hang it near the door or on the fridge so if emergency services need it they can access it easy if they need to.

5) Show your children what routes to take or where to hide through a fire or a earthquake, make sure they know where to go and stand, they do it at school in fire drills so they should be comfortable doing it at home too!

6) Ask them what they would do if someone collapsed in the street? A lot of people walk by let your child be the good Samaritan :)

7) Write a non legal will if you don't have one, I know you may be my age but anything can happen at any age, knowing who you would like your children to be placed with or who to call if god forbid anything serious did happen is always a safe idea.

8) DONT PANIC! Too many people panic in emergencies, teach your children to stay calm and not be frightened, let them know that emergency services help people, too many children are afraid of the police as parents sometimes use them as threats for bad behaviour, let them know that they are good people and not to be afraid.

9) Take a look at other peoples emergency plans, Jade at Mummies Waiting has one of her own that has a free printable too!

10) Lastly, Dont expect your child to remember everything, it may take a while, mine still don't know most things but I'm sure they'll learn :)

Let us know what your tips are for an emergency and make sure you go read part 1 (link above) if you haven't already, oh and sign up for more updates from us we don't spam I promise :)

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