Being without a computer and blogging from my IPhone and old 7inch Samsung tablet was growing old and VERY tiring, so I decided I needed a n...

Alcatel Plus 10 Review

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Being without a computer and blogging from my IPhone and old 7inch Samsung tablet was growing old and VERY tiring, so I decided I needed a new laptop/desktop/tablet with a keyboard, I looked about for a good while to see what the best deals where and what I really wanted and I found it, the one, The Alcatel Plus 10 2-in-1 Tablet with a keyboard, I Primarily just use it for surfing and blogging as well a having apps like Twitter, Netflix and Facebook and a few games for on the go too its perfect for my lifestyle.

alcatel plus 10 review

The tablet connects to the keyboard base in 2 ways, one is a holder so the keyboard is backwards so its great when you want to watch a movie without holding the tablet on its own, and the other way it connects is by magnets and sensors when you place it on the keyboard facing you it turns into a laptop, It runs on Windows10 so its very fast and has all the little extras I need like a planner and My Documents folders.

Cortana, well she's a bit like Siri, I don't use her much but she is very helpful sometimes, I can ask her to add something to my notes or my planner or just random questions like spellings ect.
The tablets keyboard comes with a SIM card slot, so you can have data and texts for on the go, a service I have yet to use for myself but I'm sure its handy for some people, Also there is standard USB port, a Micro usb port to charge.

The tablet itself comes with a 3.5 mm slot for headphones, another micro usb charge port, a microphone and a separate Micro SD card slot for extra memory (which you will probably need but we will get to that in a second), It has 2 VERY loud speakers, one each side of the 10.1inch screen, a front facing camera (with very low 2 mega pixels) and a rear facing camera (again very low 5 mega pixels) but more than enough for a skype call.

So getting to the memory, its only 32gb, its enough if you just mainly use it for surfing but not enough if you create documents or backup photos like I do, so you can add a micro SD as said above up to 64GB so tonnes more extra space. Last but not least is battery life, its brilliant especially for on the go, I charge mine overnight and it last all day without needing another charge, obviously this will decrease with excess use of games and large apps.

Overall its a little beast! Its lightweight so i take it everywhere and I love it, its brilliant for blogging and surfing the web and for Netflix in bed too! Id recommend it to anyone wanting a small portable tablet/laptop and overall give it 4 stars!!

I hope you enjoyed the review of the Alcatel Plus 10 and let me know if you think I should do more :)
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(Blogging from my new 2-in-1 Laptop)

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