So for Xmas Lilli wanted a Barbie house, they were all mega expensive but I knew this was going to be her main present so we kept on looking...

How to build a DIY Barbie House

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So for Xmas Lilli wanted a Barbie house, they were all mega expensive but I knew this was going to be her main present so we kept on looking, all the other ones were either too small for Barbie dolls to be in or only came with tiny dolls house furniture, so I sat down with Lilli and asked her if she wanted to make one with me?! Luckily she was well on board and i had an old bookcase that was just sitting there...Perfect!

how to make a barbie house

I hopped onto EBay and ordered what I needed here's the list:

  • 4x Pink spray paint £2.99 each
  • Pretty scrap book paper £3
  • glue gun (my other had broke) £3
  • extra glue sticks £FREE with glue gun
  • Barbie stickers £1.99
  • plastic furniture (bed, bunk bed, toilet, bath, sink, kitchen, table, chairs, sofa, telly, lamps and climbing frame) Roughly around £2/3 each item

And Extras from other shops:

  • A Grey and silver starry roll of Vinyl from Wilkos £4 (covered the whole 3 shelves with some to spare)
  • A Black Sharpie from Wilkos (to draw a ladder up the side) £1
  • Fake Grass from my local carpet shop £2 (done the whole roof)
  • Chelsea's Pool set £15 Amazon
  • Carpet samples £FREE from Carpet Right to use as rugs
  • 2x Battery operated press on lights £1 poundland + 6xAAA batteries £1
diy barbie house

diy barbie house

How I did it:

First I grabbed the Bookshelf, I sanded it down slightly and sprayed it bright pink, at first I only bought 2 cans and it only did a side and a half so I had to ordered more, later that week I walked into my local shop and found the exact same cans for 99p £2 cheaper than I paid!! TYPICAL!
Anyway after spraying the shelf it had to be left to a few days to properly dry I started drawing the ladder on with sharpie, I then stuck on the scrap book paper as wallpaper and Lilli added some stickers to jazz it up more!

After buying the Vinyl flooring I spent honestly about 10 mins sticking it down it was that easy!, We then measured and cut the grass we got and glued it to the roof (this took forever as the glue was drying way too fast in my house!) We stuck the lights to the roof and it was all done!!
So after months of waiting because we started planning in October Christmas came and I set up all the furniture (really silly shit from china which comes in 100,000 pieces) and it was Perfect!

diy barbie house


The Barbie house really wouldn't take long if you did it one go, probably a day or so It was really easy but also really an accomplishment for me as I'm terrible at making anything! I roughly spent around £70 on making this so its cheaper than buying one new and Lils loved to make it with me so its extra special! Lils absolutely loves it and I'm really looking forward to getting a few extra bits for her birthday next month to go in it :)

Along with the Barbie house I searched local selling sites for Barbie items, I found a Bratz tour bus (it literally says it in the smallest place so you cant tell) , A Barbie cruise Ship with pool and slide ect!, They cost me a total of £17 all together!

My mum bought Lilli a Barbie car and some dresses and we got all the other dolls for her that she had asked Santa so nicely for.

diy barbie house
I really hoped you liked this post and how the Barbie house turned out, let me know what you would have done :)


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