Mike got sent some undies in the post ;) (usually I would be sceptical but I knew they were coming) WAMA underwear got in contact and asked...

Hemp Underwear: Wama Review

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Mike got sent some undies in the post ;) (usually I would be sceptical but I knew they were coming)
WAMA underwear got in contact and asked me to review some undies for them, now we all i know I'm a larger Mumma and really don't fit in anything other than £3 leggings and long vest tops so this time I passed this one onto mike, He was thrilled, he's a hippy at heart so getting a pair of Hemp undies was a bonus for him!

They arrived super quick considering they came from america, they felt super soft as soon as they were out of the packet and they fit nice too ;) Unfortunately he refused to model for anyone else but me! Sorry Ladies ;)
Mike quickly decided he wanted a shower so he could put on his fresh new undies and relax and that's exactly what happened, along with a prance around the house in them to model them to me!

Wama Underwear

Mike Said "they're really breathable and comfy, and the elastic isn't too diggy either" Also he said "the leg fit is perfect, most boxer shorts don't give that leg freedom and you have to rip the seam, it’s so cool they’re made of hemp”

I really love the sound of these and would love a pair myself if I didn’t have such a big bum!
Hemp is such a natural resource and it should be used for things like this more often!

WAMA have an amazing little story and i do love it because its oh so natural and refreshing:

"WAMA was created from a deep passion and love for travel, the environment and the vast world we live in today. Our goal is to preserve planet earth by making use of what mother nature has provided us. More than just pioneering the hemp underwear industry we want to bring more awareness to hemp in the fashion world. We believe with more purchases of hemp clothing comes more awareness to hemp as a textile option. With more awareness comes more use and with more use comes less pollution and the preservation of nature. Help Us Help Nature."

The underwear mike reviewed is made of hemp, why hemp you say?

"Because we all store a vast amount of our bacteria and odour in our genitals area. So to protect our privates we chose to use hemp due to its naturally anti-microbial properties that kill bacteria and even odour to some degree. When you wear your WAMA Underwear you can Relax, it’s Natural."

Wama Underwear
                                                 Wama Underwear
WAMA Hemp undies are available in singles or packs or 3,6,and 10 for men and women and they're super comfy so head over to WAMA now and pre order some!

Much Love

*These boxer briefs were sent to us at Mumma And Her Monsters in exchange  for a honest review*

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