Do you need an excuse to get out of the house this weekend? Of course you do! Staying in the house all the time can be tiring, boring a...

Getting Out Of The House!

By January 12, 2018

Do you need an excuse to get out of the house this weekend?
Of course you do! Staying in the house all the time can be tiring, boring and a little bit lonely.

Spend your time this weekend trying something new and being part of the community instead.


Meetups could be anything from Local Family Days Out to a group of fans meeting up to
discuss sports or TV. Most of the time these meetups are arranged online on social media
groups, so if you are part of a social media group who offer meetups, get yourself out of the
house and be social! An example of a meetup which is very popular is for those who play
Pokémon Go. You will often see groups for the game meeting up to hunt for rare Pokémon,
so get out and join in!

Exercise Classes

Exercise might not be your favourite thing to do, and to be honest we really don’t blame you.
But Exercise classes are really great places to tone up your body, look after your health and
meet new people who are in your position. Often it is the atmosphere of being in a class
which motivates us because there are other people trying their best to do the same thing.
There’s strength in numbers.

Local Sports Leagues

If you were always a fan of a sport such as football, basketball or swimming in school, you can
always try to join a local league and brush up on your skills. Spend the weekend competing in
competitions and making friends with your teammates. You will have so much fun being with
your friends and you’ll be able to get fit in the process!


There are a huge array of different classes you can take in the evenings and at the weekend,
and one of those is cookery. Whether you are already a whizz in the kitchen or you could burn
butter, you will always have fun and learn new skills by attending a cooking class. It is also a
great place to socialise and show off your culinary skills to the masses.


Let the geek within you come out and have some fun! You may have heard of comic-con,
it is the biggest comic book convention in the world and takes place in multiple locations
worldwide every year. The most popular one is San Francisco where the stars of your
favourite films and TV shows will be there to answer questions and meet you. Even if you
don’t want to go to the bigger conventions, there are smaller versions you can visit too which
are just as fun.

Get a Pet

if you aren’t much of a people person, get a pet. Having a dog or cat as a companion can
make the world of difference to your happiness and your stress levels. They are always
happy to see you, will force you to get out of the house for a walk and will cuddle up to
you at night.

Let us know if you have any tips for getting out of the house in the comments below.

Much Love


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