When it comes to your home, you’ll always find that it te...

Maximizing Your Money: Home Improvements That Increase Value

By January 25, 2018

 When it comes to your home, you’ll always find that it tends to take up a huge portion of your money. From purchasing the place to keeping it running, property will always cost. And when you already have ​money worries​, this can be quite hard to deal with. But, when you love your home, or you just want to be able to feel comfortable, this is something that you need to learn to live with.

Sometimes, you may also want to go one step further and make sure that you can actually ease up the money pressures by making money out of your home. Because as much as home improvements can change how you feel about your home, they can also increase its value too. So if you want to be able to maximize the money in your home ready to sell and free up some cash, here’s five options to help you to do it.
An Extension

One of the best ways to add value to your home is to add space. So considering an extension is often a good idea. However, these can cost. So you’re going to want to get some savings together or look into ​
personal loans for fair credit​ to fund it for now. The great part is, that you can add up to 30% more value to your home by doing this, so it’s often going to be worth the investment. If you can look to increase the kitchen area and add an extra bedroom or two, in particular, this will be great.
 A Conversion

Closely related to this is the idea of converting a space. Because if you have an unused garage, attic, or basement in your property, your home can often be worth more by converting it into a living space. Again, this will often depend on your budget, but you may like to do this alongside an extension, or in the place of it if an extension is not possible.
Two Facelifts

When it comes to the superficial improvements, you’re always going to want to turn the bulk of your attention to two rooms. The kitchen and the bathroom how the power to add value, because they are both rooms that buyers want to be in a great condition. So consider the latest
kitchen trends​ and bathroom designs and be sure to update what you have if you’re looking to add value.

An Added Bathroom (Or Two)

 From here, you’re then going to want to think about working in an
​extra bathroom​ or two. Because limited bathroom space is always an issue. Buyers may even be looking for an equal amount of bathrooms and bedrooms, so if you don’t have that already, adding in an extra bathroom is a really great option for you.
Better Parking

Another great option is always going to be to improve the parking situation you have. This isn’t always an option, but if you can add off-street parking, or increase the room you have available for this, it will add more value onto your property - especially in city locations.

What would you do for your home improvements?

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