Imagine visiting your doctor, explaining your symptoms or problems and being told time and time again that there’s nothing wrong with you. Y...

Why You Should Never Settle for Poor Medical Care

By January 26, 2018

Imagine visiting your doctor, explaining your symptoms or problems and being told time and time again that there’s nothing wrong with you. You’ll trust them for a while, but then the signs always point to you having some kind of issues. For some people in the world, this is a daily reality due to the poor health care they get–but why should you settle for this?


Healthcare is Important to Everyone

Whether you’re expecting a new child or if you’re going through a rough time, everyone should be entitled to good medical care especially if they have to pay. If you’re ​
prescribed something like antidepressants​ then you’d expect your doctor to inform you about all the potential side effects and explain what they’re for before asking you to take them. If you ever feel like your doctor cannot show you the details of something then it’s a good sign that they don’t know what they’re doing. In this case, you should always seek better medical attention or even consider suing if they have caused damage or pain to you.

Complaining About Poor Medical Care

There are a couple of things you can do to complain about a poor medical service.

 ● Contact local boards or authorities. ​If you feel like a doctor’s behaviour is causing you harm and you feel like they are a danger to all of their patients, then you may want to
contact a local board or an authority to ensure they know about it. With any luck, they’ll be stripped of their position and will never work again.

● Speak to a lawyer. ​There are groups such as ​Specter Partnership's medical negligence team​ that can help you seek justice for things such as a misdiagnosis or a wrong prescription. If you feel like you’ve been wronged, then a lawyer is a solid bet to help you sue the people responsible.

● Request a different doctor. ​If you’d prefer the route with the least amount of conflict then you’ll want to simply request a different doctor. Whether it’s in the same medical centre or by changing your doctor altogether, it’s a good idea to make a change if you feel like you’re not being treated properly.

● Leave a negative review. ​Lastly, if you’ve cut your ties with the medical centre or simply want to warn others, you can leave a negative review on the internet about their services. Make sure to be thorough with your explanation and give proof if possible.
Some Final Words
Coping with the stress of poor medical care is difficult. There are many ways to complain and there are also ​ways to spot a clueless doctor​. As long as you’re vigilant and never settle for less, you’re virtually guaranteed to get good medical health care. If you ever feel like your doctor isn’t taking you seriously or they’re taking your symptoms too lightly, then complaining and doing something about it is the only way you can ensure your own wellbeing. In short, don’t allow bad doctors to ruin your life!

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