I'm going back to work, it was a hard decision but more financially suitable for our family, Leaving my babies is going to be such a har...

Going Back To Work...How i feel

By February 18, 2018

I'm going back to work, it was a hard decision but more financially suitable for our family, Leaving my babies is going to be such a hard thing, not seeing Olli's 'firsts' or being there for bedtime ect is going to be very emotionally difficult for me but its better than living with crappy benefits and struggling long term.

So I have an interview today, I'm absolutely crapping myself as its been 10 years since my last interview and 6 years since I've had a job! I have sod all to wear and nothing prepared so I'm literally just going to have to wing it!!

Blogging: I'm still going to keep my job as a social media manager and I will keep blogging because its my passion but sadly it just doesn't bring in the income we need to be stable.

Wedding: We're still getting married, its been booked and mostly paid for so there's no going back now and its something we're all really excited about, honestly were gonna be saving our arses off to get this wedding done but its going to be so worth it <3

Lego Club: If you didn't know I run a Lego club every fortnight at my local library, and I'm still going to carry on with it (fingers crossed), its a massive passion for me I love to volunteer and help people in our community so theres no stopping me!!

Worries: I have a few worries, I mean I haven't had a job in 6 years due to having kids and even though I'm self employed now and have been for a while its still different, I haven't had an actually employer for a while and its going to be strange taking orders from someone else.

I'm also really worried about my hair (strange I know) but I have very bright colourful hair and sometimes its really not suitable to some companies, same goes with my piercings which I can take out but don't really like to.

Money: So money is the big issue here, are benefits got cut and I don't make enough being self employed to support us and make up the difference, so a job was the most viable option at the moment and I am excited about it but worried too!

Mental Health: My mental health is a big part of my life, some days I really struggle I get very emotional about silly things and other days I'm as strong as a rock and nothing will break me, I'm worried that work is going to drain me and I will end up having more bad days than good, days where I wont want to get out of bed let alone communicate with the public, but maybe I will be fine and I'm just a worry wart!

My family: Working is gonna be a struggle for my family, Mike will have 4 kids on his own at some point and its bloody terrifying, not that he cant do it cause he can but they are all pains when all together!

Me Time: I'm sceptical about this part, I enjoy my time when I'm at the library volunteering but I don't feel like its work, ill actually be doing something that I don't particularly want to be doing (like who really wants to work right?!) so it may not be as refreshing as I hope.

Anyway, That's all from me I felt like I just needed to get that out!
How did you feel going back to work? Let me know in the comments below :D

Much Love

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