So your getting married, or you may have just got married (Congratulations!!) and you're planning your perfect honeymoon? Well, I hav...

Planning The Perfect Honeymoon

By February 20, 2018 ,

honeymoon planning tips

So your getting married, or you may have just got married (Congratulations!!) and you're planning your perfect honeymoon? Well, I have some tips for you, whether you're going via Airport or ferry or taking the family, the kids or just going alone as a happy couple I want to help you make sure you have a vacation to remember.

Make a budget: Setting a budget is vital to the planning process, the average honeymoon costs around £2500 but when you plan carefully and use the right agents you can get it for much lower, Just make sure you stick to your budget unless you can really afford to splash out!

Find a trusted agent: Finding the right travel agent is a must, someone who will take care of all your special needs and wishes to try and make sure you have the most magical time possible, I LOVE Holiday Gems - Check Them Out Here.

Picking the perfect destination: France, Spain, Italy, America, there are so many places to choose from, maybe you have one in mind already but maybe you're stuck, do you have somewhere you've been before and loved? is there somewhere you have always wanted to go together? If you still have no idea try putting names in a hat and picking one, you never know it may be amazing!

Choosing The Perfect Hotel: Picking the perfect hotel is such an important step, do you want a nice little beachside resort, do you want to be near a family fun park or a strip of restaurants? 
Make sure that the hotel/resort will have all you will need for your stay or have a bus/tram that can take you to a town close by. 
If you're planning on being all inclusive make sure that the restaurant can cater for any dietary requirements you have or any special food warming facilities you need (if you're taking young children).

Honeymoon with children: If you already have children you'll probably be taking them with you on your honeymoon, now I personally can't think of anything better than spending our honeymoon with our children, we'd have just become a family and it's a fun way for them to celebrate too, but you may also want some alone time as newlyweds so maybe try out the kids club or the babysitting services of the hotel to get the few hours of quality time to yourselves.

With Family/Friends: Going on a honeymoon with family and friends is always fun, I went with my sister and her husband to Disneyland Pairs and it was lovely, but they still wanted their alone time too, so don't forget to just be honest with the people you're with, unless you love the company! 

Travel documents: Make sure that when you book your honeymoon you don't use your married name, most of the time your married name won't match up to whats on your legal documents and you won't be able to travel.

What NOT to forget: There's always something you forget so heres a little checklist just incase:

  • passports/travel docs (EHIC if you're going to Europe)
  • medications
  • Currency (so much cheaper to buy before you get to the airport)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Contraception ;)
  • Adapter plugs
  • Camera
  • Chargers
  • The kids ;)

I really hope these tips help and you have an amazing honeymoon where ever you go!
Let me know in the comments if you have any tips.

Much Love

*This is a collaborative post*

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