Food, plates, cups, drinks, wrapping paper, Planning a birthday party can be very stressful, so we've come up with some tips for the per...

7 Tips For Planning A Toddlers Birthday Party FT. Personalised Parties Review

By April 24, 2018

Food, plates, cups, drinks, wrapping paper, Planning a birthday party can be very stressful, so we've come up with some tips for the perfect toddler birthday party to get you right on track!  

7 Tips For Planning A Toddlers Birthday Party

1) Choose a theme: Monsters, princess, superheroes, even their favourite tv character they're all brilliant, try to make a list of you're toddlers favourite things and ask them what they'd like best.
If they can't talk yet try picking one out of a hat.

2) Choose a time: Timing is everything and toddlers love to nap, try to plan your party around common nap times to avoid grumpy toddlers or sleepy guests.

3)Choose good food: Not good food that we would eat but good food the toddlers would eat, we all know some toddlers (especially mine) are picky eaters so try to have a selection of sweet, savoury, fruit and veggies, we always find that cucumber, breadsticks and dip is a winner at parties! (i mean who doesn't love a good veggie dip?!)

4) Don't go all out on decorations: Poundshop decorations work just as well and unless you're planning another 1st or 2nd birthday party any time soon don't spend a fortune for them to just go in the bin!

5) Bubbles and balloons: Bubbles and balloons are the secrets magic to keeping toddlers entertained at parties, try balloon games such as keep me up or get some punch balloons so see whos the fastest.

6) Personalise your party: At Personalised Parties you can put your mind at ease for all the party essentials, your cups, plates, party bags (boxes), hats, invitations and so much more, there are loads of themes and you can actually personalise them too!
We got sent a personalised Monster themed party pack for Olli's 2nd birthday party in a couple of weeks, they got delivered and im so incredibly excited to see them in action, The pack contains: 
personalised parties monsters party pack

x8 MONSTER PARTY WRAPS & CUPS for dreadful drinks..
x8 MONSTER PARTY HATS - because who doesn't love a hat?
x8 MONSTER PARTY MASKS - for upping the "Boo" factor.

FOOD FLAGS of two different flag designs (x8 each); ideal for labelling party food, such as cupcakes or sandwiches. 
I cannot wait to see these in action at Olli's party they look so sweet, Personalised Parties also have 27 other party themes including ones for older children too! I'm very tempted to get the celebration one for my wedding it would be fab! I'm so glad we got these for the party it takes off a load of stress trying to find things and making sure you haven't forgotten anything because the essentials are right here! If you want to know more click on the link above :D
7) Don't Stress: After all these tips this one is very important, DONT STRESS! Make sure you enjoy the party don't rush around like a headless chicken and miss all the fun! 
I really hope you have a brilliant party and these tips were helpful, Look out for the full review of the party pack at the end of may, And If you liked this post leave a comment and share the love :D
Much Love

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