Hello everyone, I’m Joanne, a 20-year-old mum to two boys under two. I was more than interested in getting involved with parenting an...

Parenting And Mental Health: What it feels like: Part 4

By April 19, 2018

Hello everyone,

I’m Joanne, a 20-year-old mum to two boys under two. I was more than interested in getting involved with parenting and mental health series because it’s SO important to raise awareness and In my opinion, it’s better to open up instead of suffering in silence. I have suffered from severe anxiety since having children. The following questions should explain a little more about that.

1)When did you realise you had a mental health problem?
I first realised something wasn’t quite right when I CONSTANTLY worried about my children. Yes I know everybody does but this was something else. I hated leaving the house, I imagined death, illness and the unimaginable. I imagined a car swerving onto the path whilst we walked, I imagined one of them being taken from me. I checked that they were breathing 24/7. I couldn’t relax, EVER.

2)How did you deal with it?
I didn’t. How could I deal with it? The only thing that seems to help is sitting alone in the bath and crying. That was my time. That was my time to relax and I spent it crying. It helped! It got me through to the next day but then the whole thing started again. It’s one never-ending vicious circle.

3)How does your mental health affect parenting?
I wouldn’t say it affects it in a bad way. I’m just overprotective, like way overprotective. I have my children 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They’ve never had a planned sleepover with their granny or granddad, they’ve never been to play with their auntie or uncle without me. I don’t give myself the break that I probably really bloody need.

4)Do your children notice when you have a bad day?
No! The thoughts are inside my head. I never cry in front of them (hence the reason I go up to the bath) I never get stressed. The only thing perhaps that could be noticed is when I panic, maybe I’ll start walking quicker or squeezing their hand a little tighter.

5)How does your mental health affect your daily life?
Me and my partner have only ever been on 1 date since having the children. Don’t get me wrong he is SO understanding but it’s obviously not healthy. It is beginning to put a strain on our relationship I can see that from a mile away!

6)If you have, how did you get over your mental health problems?
I’ve still got it! I’ll admit that and say that it’s not as scary as it used to be or maybe it is but I’ve just taught myself to deal with it in a mature manner. Things are going to get better and things will look up. I’ve got to keep my head focused and realise that the life we live is the life that God gave us. I can’t live my life in a series of stress and worry. I’m stronger than that.

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