Being the bride isn't always fun and relaxing, and being a mother of the bride is no easy task either, you have to do a million diff...

Mother Of The Bride 'Tips On What To Wear'

By May 31, 2018


Being the bride isn't always fun and relaxing, and being a mother of the bride is no easy task either, you have to do a million different things, make sure everything runs smoothly and of course, look glamorous whilst doing so!
Fashion plays a massive part in a wedding and we all know mums don't want to upstage their daughters but they have to look fabulous too, So I've put together a guide on 'what to wear' for mother of the bride in 5 easy steps, including outfits from Compton House Of Fashion.

1) Choosing the colour: 
Making the right statement is important, but choosing the right colour is key, you don't want to be choosing white or ivory to upstage the bride, choose more of a subtle tone that blends well with the theme.

2) Choose your style:
Whether it's short and flowy or long and fitted choose the right style to fit you, make sure you're going to be comfortable all day but still looking glamorous.

3) Hats, Hatinators And Fascinators:
What you wear on your head is always a statement, so if your tall go for a more wider brimmed hat and if you're shorter go for a hatinatior (crossed between a hat and a fascinator) alternatively you can always just got for some pretty hairpins or a simple up-do.

4)Put on your dancing shoes:
Finding comfy shoes is a must for a wedding, you will be in them all day with a lot of standing and running around, first you have to decide to go with heels or flats or maybe even a pair of comfy wedges for a summer wedding, second you have to consider the season of the wedding and the hight of your heels if you choose them, next is choosing the colour, shoes don't have to be an exact match just make sure the colour compliments your outfit. and you'll be on the dancefloor in no time!

5) Accessories:
Having accessories aren't always necessary but choosing the right earrings or necklace can make an outfit pop! Subtle earrings and a pendant necklace always work well to top off an outfit too.
Don't choose anything too big or chunky as you don't want to draw the attention from the bride.

Now you have your 5 easy steps go and check out these Mother of the bride dresses from Compton House Of Fashion they're absolutely stunning here's a few we love!
Check out this stunning Mikado silk dress in champagne by Ian Stuart, It's elegant and floral, with 3/4 sleeves and a mesh neckline it's perfect for the mother who wants to tie in with colour schemes on the big day!

Or if you're not a dress person then this may be for you, Capri by Mon Cheri Bridal is a 3 piece chiffon trouser suit in navy blue and smoke grey, it's elegant and classy but still makes a statement.
And of course, there's always something for the more mature mother, Annalisa by Ann Ballon is a beautifully fitted lace dress and frock coat in tones of Jade is very flattering with pretty sheer 3/4 length sleeves and intricate detailing.

This  50's inspired dress by Ronald Joyce is beautiful and perfect for a springtime wedding, with a lace applique and a small belt in the middle of the dress and a matching jacket with 3/4 sleeves which ties everything together perfectly.

I really hoped you enjoyed these tips and share them with your mother if you're getting married or even with friends.
Oh and keep watch for more wedding posts soon for my wedding in September!

Much Love

*Disclosure- This is a sponsored post with Compton House Of Fashion*

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