So my bag's contents are always crazy, I mean the bigger the bag the more crap I cram in there! And not even just receipts and rubbi...

The Odd Things In My Mum Bag!

By June 03, 2018

The Odd Things In My Mum Bag!

So my bag's contents are always crazy, I mean the bigger the bag the more crap I cram in there! And not even just receipts and rubbish but random kids stuff too! I literally have woody (from toy story) finger and Ryder's (from paw patrol) Leg, Yes, my children give me random broken toys and I keep them and say I'll fix them but it rarely happens! Here a few random bag contents from other parents that have made me giggle!

Beth: My daughter became rather acquainted with a potato. She drew a face and bag on it and used to take it to bed. Needless to say, I also had to take it in my bag when we went out 😂

Leanne: A urine pot (a clean, unused one 😂). Pregnancy means constant urine samples!

Becky:I once spent an entire week carrying around six or so half eaten grapes. My sons a picky eater so he likes to stash unwanted food in random places, like me bag!

Natalie: A vintage harmonica. We acquired it when my grandad died and my 4-year-old daughter has really taken to it. When she's in the mood to play it, she won't be parted from it so I take it in my bag for her when we go out.

Andrea: I have the usual Mum bag items and then right at the bottom there is... a lens cap, pot of play-doh, the cast of Disney cars some bailing twine and a screwdriver! Don’t know why there is a real working screwdriver in there but must have been a reason. Bailing twine is a fab essential to any countryside Mum bag. Is been used for the kids to tie toys up with, an emergency dog lead an emergency child’s rein - worked very well and held my wing mirror up!

Kirsty: Knickers - the kids not mine! I always have a spare pair just in case if accidents

Lianne: Barbie's head my daughter broke it but won't part with it ! It's so creepy as the hair is all matted and wild

Carla-marie: I have literally just looked in my bag and found my "mr quack hand puppet" This isn't really strange for us as it keeps him on the straight and narrow... for some reason my son is so much more upset when mr quack is "disappointed" then when I am. Haha

Not clean.
Not mine (the feral four year old)....they were a delightful find 🙈

Erica: Stones, sticks, conkers (I am aware it is now May) a very dead, dry and very battered flower from our trip to Paris - why I said yes to putting that in my handbag remains a mystery as it was dry and dead when he picked it. Oh and beer bottle tops and corks, they belong to the grown-ups though 😉

Emma: Usually half eaten belvita biscuits because my son loves them! Of course, they are mostly crushed and ruining all my bags. Https://

Ayse: I constantly have between 10-20 squished flowers that my little girl HAD to pick but never wants to hold.

Kim: 3D cinema glasses. My 3yo insists on using them as sunglasses when she finds them!

Victoria: The weekend just gone I had a piece of birthday cake wrapped up in a napkin from a party my daughter attended. Totally forgot all about it and ended up with squished cake all over my bag and it's contents. Oops!

Joanne: I've just gone in my bag to find a squashed up bag of Skips, a nappy full of wee (I have no idea how that got there) and the toothbrush I lost almost a month ago *gips* The joys!

Now let's see what random things you have in your mum bag?!
Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This made me chuckle I thought I had weird things in my bag lol strangest thing right now is a razor

  2. Love this! It's just part of mum life to find something completely random in there!