So its finally holiday season, WOOOOOOOOP! The Hotels are open, the pools are fresh, it's festival time and the weather is sweet, wha...

Holiday Season: Destination Wish List summer 2018

By June 20, 2018

Holiday Season: Destination Wish List summer 2018

So its finally holiday season, WOOOOOOOOP! The Hotels are open, the pools are fresh, it's festival time and the weather is sweet, what better time to book a holiday right?!
So I've put together my destinations wishlist for summer 2018!
These are my top 5 destinations to go this summer!!

Majorca: I've been to Majorca a few times before, its safe to say I love it! its always a good, fun holiday and the weather is beautiful this time of year (I'm not a massive fan of boiling heat!) and all the hotels are open and buzzing! I love a good family holiday, so a hotel that has good activities, a decent kids club and of course an all-inclusive bar are all top priorities for us! I'm a sucker for a cracking deal too, I mean who isn't?! So why don't you check out Majorca Holidays Here and get a brilliant deal too ;)

Disney Land Paris: Now if you don't know me or my crazy family we LOVE Disney, nothing compares to visiting a Disney park and it's even better when you can get there in just a few hours on the Eurostar, And plus side is that the weather is about the same as a British summer, there's so much to do and see and even if you don't want to do Disney then its only a short train ride into Paris! So if you are a Disney fanatic like me check out Magic Breaks Here!

disneyland paris

UK Breaks: I Love a good UK break, a little chalet, log cabin, caravan or even a tent is so much fun! There are so many great places to visit, London, Scotland, Wales, Brighton, Manchester, Nottingham, even my little hometown of Great Yarmouth!
There's more than likely a Haven around or even a Centre Parks or if you want even cheaper why not just get a b&b beside the sea! 
Look At Haven Holidays Here.

Florida USA: I know I know, back at it with the Disney! But Florida is absolutely my favourite place on the whole entire planet and it's not just Disney, Its Universal, The Hogwarts Express to Universal Islands and it's Seaworld, Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens and so many amazing cool shops and restaurants, Florida isn't just about going to Disney World but it definitely is fun! And coming up soon is 4th July and the most amazing fireworks and festivals! I'd definitely recommend Florida to anyone and also to stay for over a week! Take a peek at some Florida Holidays Here.

Germany: I've only ever been to Germany once on my life and it was -17 degrees and I was really ill so didn't get to do a lot at all! 
But Germany in the summertime looks so incredible! Such lovely weather and so much to do too! Keep your eyes peeled for festivals and celebrations throughout the summer like Rock In The Ring in July and Lollapalooza in early September, why not check out some Germany Holidays Here.

Let me know what destinations are on your wishlist in the comments below and have an amazing summer holiday!!

Much Love

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I will earn money for this*

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