Children worry, just as adults do, maybe not about the same things but they still get that anxiety and sometimes it can really change th...

The No More Worries Kit ... A Review

By June 18, 2018

no more worries kit

Children worry, just as adults do, maybe not about the same things but they still get that anxiety and sometimes it can really change their world upside down.

The Irish Fairy Door Company have a brilliant solution for this, The No More Worries Kit, the kit includes a mini worries plaque, a feelings journal and some prompt cards, now if you haven't seen the other items that The Irish Fairy Door Company sell your in for a treat, Other items include a worry plaque, fairy doors, tooth fairy sets and even fairy garden accessories. 

no more worries kit

The No More Worries Kit is one of the latest arrivals from the company and we were lucky enough to be sent one for a review, so whwn it turned up I sat down with my 9-year-old and explained about the worry fairys and how they can take worries away, I talked about using the journal to write down her worries in so she could share them with us if she wanted too, and then finally we spoke about the cards, the prompt cards seem like a fab idea, they have small prompts on them so if the child doesnt know how to approach the situaton they can find the appropriate card and show it to an adult so they can help talk about it.

Safe to say Megan still has that magic believer inside her and thought it was amazing that the fairies were going to help her with her feelings, Megan is very complex and keeps a lot bottled up sometimes so this has been a fantastic little tool to get her to open up about it.

no more worries kit

About the plaque: If you haven't already seen the large worry plaque you probably don't have a clue what I'm on about, the plaque has a light that turns red when the fairies are listening to their worry and then turns green when they have taken it away, there is now a large and a mini version of this plaque but the set we reviewed had the mini one which has a retractable clip so can be taken on the go.

"Place your thumb on the included 'No More Worries' Mini-Plaque and think of your worry. When it glows red, the fairies are listening. When it turns green, you know they have taken your worry away!
The Mini-Plaque has an extendable cord and clip so you can bring it with you and use it anywhere!" - The Irish Fairy Door Company

Megan has certainly used this a lot over the past few days and I really think its starting to help her want to talk about whats going on more, She has clipped the plaque to her book bag so she can take it to school to and we have encouraged her to share her feelings with her teachers too.

I really think this product is amazing and will really get children talking about their worries more. 

If you liked this product head over to their facebook page and give them a thumbs up and also let us know in the comments :D

Much Love

*Disclosure: I was sent this item in exchange for a review, all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own*

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