I recently started thinking about getting more toys into the bedroom and what better place to start than Nomitang - German Engineered a...

The Sex Toys You Need...From Nomitang

By February 26, 2019

the sex toys you need nomitang

I recently started thinking about getting more toys into the bedroom and what better place to start than Nomitang - German Engineered and high-grade silicone, Some of the best quality toys on the market.

I was looking at the vibrators and came across the Wild Rabbit, The perfect vibrator for the perfect playtime. It has 10 vibration patterns, USB charged and it even has an I-touch slider so no more pressing a million buttons to turn up the vibes. It's also waterproof up to 1 meter and it's deadly quiet. The vibe comes with a travel lock so if you put it in a bag you can lock it and it won't turn on, to activate or deactivate the travel lock press the power button until the blue light flashes twice. The product came in a really stylish sleek box which was really impressive, included is a user manual and a USB charging cable.

Nomitang WIld Rabbit

Inspired by Newton’s cradle, featuring three very powerful motors creating a sensation of travelling and looping vibrations inside and out, resulting in an ultimate screaming O! - Nomitang

Next, I found the Intimate Keggle Balls, There's so much fun to be had with these, they're so discrete so can literally be worn anywhere plus, they exercise your pelvic floor and for us mummies that's sooo helpful! The Keggle balls are atomically designed with two weight options and are made with Skin-friendly FDA grade silicone material, they're also waterproof and really easy to clean.
The Keggle balls also came in a stylish box, it's a great box to store them in after use so they don't get too dirty.
Nomitang Intimate

IntiMate is an amazing set of two highly effective Kegel balls! It’s for women who want to enhance their sensuality- a combined pleasure and fitness system that enables women and their partners to enhance their sensation for years to come.
IntiMate features greatly soft silicone finish and so make women feel more comfortable to be worn. The highly weighted and soundless rotation of the inner balls works with everyday movements to better assist the muscles contractions therefore strengthening the pelvic floor.- Nomitang
Both Toys are great additions to my ever-growing collection and probably some of the best quality toys I've had to date. I really love the I-touch function it makes playtime so much easier and I love that it ties in with the design so well too. I really love the colours for both, as you can see from the photos I received the rabbit and keggle balls in pink but the rabbit is available in other colours too. Both Products are made from FDA grade silicone so even those who are latex free can use these products so it's safe for all, being said they do need to be cleaned before every use as you can get lint stuck to it but its easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

Overall my favourite has to be the Wild Rabbit, its handheld loop and I-touch slider are brilliant and innovative, the settings are extremely pleasurable and the size (just over 4 inches) is perfect and not at all uncomfortable. Plus I really love the colour pink! 

I received both products for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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