Dreams are funny things, sometimes they're so random but other times they're hopes for the future, then there are the bad ones... No...

Sweet Dreams ft. The Dream Pillow

By May 09, 2019

Dreams are funny things, sometimes they're so random but other times they're hopes for the future, then there are the bad ones... No one likes those, especially our little ones.

Mostly dreams are made up of things you've seen, heard or talked about within the last day or so, so The Dream Pillow provides children with the creative freedom to take charge of their dreams and dream happily.

dream pillow intro and girl holding dream pillow

Dream Pillow has created something really fun and unique for kids, The set comes with your choice of pillow, a stack of cloud shaped idea cards and a storybook*. 
The idea is for kids to write or draw on the idea cards just before bed, place it inside the pillow and dream the happy dreams they've created. 

"With the brand mantra Write it down, dream it up, The Dream Pillow introduces a new bedtime ritual for children. Visualization of happy dreams before bed is a proven technique for putting an end to bad dreams. Each night children are encouraged to write down their hopes, dreams and aspirations on a Dream Pillow Blank Idea Card, place the card into their Dream Pillow, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep."

Lilli received her Dreamials Dream Pillow and was super excited, it came packed in a super cute box and inside had her Lamby dream pillow and a whole stack of shaped dream clouds to write/draw on. The pillow was super cute and extremely soft too, I was kind of jealous! 

She was so excited to go to sleep and have happy dreams that night, she grabbed her pen and started drawing out her dream whilst telling me what she wanted to happen, sure enough, she went straight to sleep with excitement.

The next morning I was woke with a Very happy girl that her dream was amazing and that she'd rode a unicorn to her castle with her friends, she was so happy the pillow worked and was so excited to create more happy dreams.
I honestly recommend this for any child who has bad dreams or trouble sleeping or even just for a cute gift it's definitely worth it to see that smile after a good dream.
Buy you're Dream Pillow HERE

*Dreamials pillows do not include The Dream Pillow storybook*

*Disclosure: This is a collaborative post all opinions are my own*

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