Nathan Dumlao Without a doubt, one day in your life that you will never forget is your wedding day.  So, of course, you want that day...

5 Ways To Plan That Dream Wedding

By June 22, 2019

Without a doubt, one day in your life that you will never forget is your wedding day.  So, of course, you want that day to be perfect. It can be very overwhelming at times to think of all the work and planning that you must do ahead of time, but I am here to help you organize some of the most important components of your perfect day.
Choose the Right Date
You may decide to choose a date of significance or just a random date in the year of your choice.  Whatever date you choose, it needs to be in a time span that allows you to organize everything that you want.  If you select a date with little planning time, you are going to find yourself stressed out and possibly end up forgetting certain things.  
Make sure that you give yourself enough time to properly plan.  Grab a calendar and mark off days that you want to have certain accomplishments done by.  This will also give you time to figure out your budget and what you can and cannot afford.
Speaking of your budget, you shouldn’t spend any money until you know what the exact number you can spend will be.  This will then allow you to portion the money out for the different tasks that you need to complete. Make sure you leave enough money in the bank for any other unknown expenses that could come your way.
The Dreaded Guest List
Do you invite crazy Uncle Joe or your pushy co-worker Susan?  These are some of the most difficult decisions that you will make in this whole process.  Formulating your guest list should be one of the first tasks that you complete when planning your wedding.  This will give you an idea of how big or small of a venue you will need. The cost per head will also have to be factored into your budget.
Unless someone else is footing the bill for the wedding, the guest list decision should be solely for you and your partner.  No matter what, you will have people who may have hurt feelings by not getting a wedding invite. But, in the end, it is your money, your special day, and your decision who should share in it with you.  Don’t feel any guilt when completing this list.
Choosing a Venue
Now that you have an idea of the potential number of guests, you can start to research venues for your big day.  Here is where you should take some consideration into your guest list and how far people may have to travel to attend.  You want your ideal place, but you also want to be realistic with getting your guests there.
You may end up having to alter your wedding date depending on the availability of the venue that you select.  If you immediately envision yourself celebrating your wedding at this place, but the date is booked, you may have to be flexible.
If your venue is going to take place outside, you will need to have a Plan B in place in the event of rain.  Don’t just assume and pray that it will be a perfect day. Expect the worst so that when it happens, you don’t have to skip a beat as to what the plan is.
Photographers, Caterers, Apparel, and Music, Oh My!
The fun decisions of the wedding can now begin!  When choosing the people who will help capture your perfect day, make sure you feel comfortable with them.
When choosing a photographer, do your homework.  Research their reviews, see samples of their work, and get to know their personality.  You want pictures that you can treasure forever, and the right photographer can make that happen.  You may have to pay a little bit more than you might like, but you want your best moments captured by the right person.
Choosing the right menu can be fun and stressful at the same time.  Most people always talk about the food that was served at the wedding.  You will want to get a trusted and well-respected caterer to help you put together the best menu possible.  You know your guests better than anyone, so you will have an idea of what kind of food they will like.
One of the most enjoyable experiences that you should have is deciding on the dresses and tuxes for the wedding.  This should reveal your style and comfort. Bring a select few with you to help give their input. And don’t forget how important the mother of the bride's dress is to the special day.  The color scheme that you choose will be a part of your venue decorations, so choose wisely.
The entertainment portion of the wedding is where guests walk away and talk about the fun they had for years.  Whether you decide to go with a band or a disc jockey, you want someone that knows how to get people up and dancing.  This is where you will need to feel a real connection with the person who will be responsible for entertaining your guests.  It is important that they understand your taste in music and deliver on
Wedding Invitations
Now that most of the big decisions have been made, it is time to invite those you have selected to share in your special day.  There are many wedding invitations that you can research online such as diy wedding invitations from Pure Invitation. You can scroll through a wide range of options to find the invitation that captures your taste and elegance.  The invitations can help to set the tone and theme for the wedding.
Remember, It’s Your Day
You may get overwhelmed with ideas and suggestions from many people, but just remember, this day belongs to you and your partner.  In the end, every decision should belong to you both because it’s the day you will remember more than any other.
Make the wedding as big and glamorous as you’d like or as small and intimate as you please.  People will have the right intentions to help you, so don’t get frustrated with them, but don’t feel pressured by anyone.  Print out some wedding checklists online to make sure no stone goes unturned.
Everyone has a vision of what this day will look like, so go ahead and make that vision a reality!

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