This is collaborative post items are gifted to me, all opinions are my own, may contain affiliate links. Sleep is the most important thi...

Sleep well with Kally Sleep

By July 19, 2019

This is collaborative post items are gifted to me, all opinions are my own, may contain affiliate links.

Sleep is the most important thing but sometimes as a parent, we don't really get too much of it so, Kally Sleep has a solution to make the sleep you do have WAY more comfy!

The Sleep Pillow...
Kally body pillows are designed and manufactured right here in the UK using the highest quality materials for the comfiest sleep ever!
They're designed to curve around the shape of your body to give the best snuggle sleep, Designed with the help of some very smart Harley Street Doctors and Osteopaths, these pillows are not to be missed at bedtime.

Designed to relieve pain in the hip and pelvis, the Kally Pillow supports you throughout the night. By aligning this key area, you are removing pressure that makes nights uncomfortable and can impact your body throughout the day too. Dreamed up with the help of leading Harley Street doctors, we have crafted the sleep tool to solve your problems.-
My Review...

The Sleep pillow came really well presented with a cute little ribbon around the pillow plus a separate soft-touch pillowcase, It was so easy to get the pillow in the case which I thought was going to be a mission due to its curved shape, the pillowcase was buttoned too so no annoying zips to dig into you when your sleeping.

As soon as id assembled it the kids were totally all over it pretending to sleep like little angels (Ha! If only!!) But they loved it just as much as me, I was so excited for bedtime to come so I could test it out, So instead i spent most of the afternoon with it curled around my back on the sofa, it was glorious!
Nighttime soon came, I took the pillow upstairs and laid it on the bed to curl up with (the husband felt a bit left out haha) it was super comfy for my hips as I really struggle to get comfy at night time with hip pain and next thing I know it was morning, I didn't wake up once, the pillow itself had made its way to the floor but I woke up so happy and refreshed.

The Body pillows come in a variety of colors but you can always add an extra pillowcase in your basket too to change it up! Mine was grey but I really love the brushed lilac and the moon & back for the kid's pillow.

I definitely love the look of the whole Kally Sleep collection, There are Anti-Snore pillows, the Ultimate Side Sleeper pillow, Kally Adjustable pillow (this looks amazing!), The bolster pillow, Nursing pillows, Kids body pillows and so much more!
The Travel pillows look really cool, I'm always in need of one when we do long-haul flights and to have one that's memory foam and adjustable is just fantastic.

Overall, I really loved having a body pillow again, I used to have a pregnancy pillow but chucked it away as my children are now 6 and 3 and we don't have plans to have any others yet. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone and that is the honest truth it has totally changed my sleep and I'm keeping it that way!

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