This is a collaborative post   School’s out for summer and while you may be focussed on keeping your kids entertained across the next...

6 Essentials for Your Back to School Shopping List

By July 23, 2019

This is a collaborative post 

School’s out for summer and while you may be focussed on keeping your kids entertained across the next 6 weeks, it’s also time to plan ahead. Before you know it they will be back to school and it makes sense to start getting your shopping list together for the new school year. 
You’ll want your kids to be organised for the school year ahead, so here are 6 essentials for your back to school shopping list.
1. Pencil case
A staple for any school bag is a good ole reliable pencil case. Where else are you going to put all those rubbers, pencils, pens and other bits and pieces your kids will need throughout the day? There’s no shortage of styles and types available and you don’t have to spend a fortune to find one that can withstand the rough and tumble of school life. You can’t go wrong by shopping in WHSmith for a good quality pencil case. 
2. Calculator
This one is more for parents with children in secondary school. The maths gets a lot harder at this stage and they are definitely going to need a good calculator. Hopefully this is a first time buy and not a replacement for one they’ve already lost. Investing in a good calculator will mean it lasts for a long time and should be good enough to stick around right through college and university too. Amazon is a great place to pick up some good bargains for these. 
3. School bag
Most school bag’s rarely make it past a single school year. That’s because despite telling our children to treat them with care, school bags are thrown here, there and everywhere on a daily basis. Even if the bag is in good condition, there’s always something newer, or cooler kids want and as they’ll be carrying it around every day, it’s only right to upgrade them every school year.
4. Lunch box
Depending on their age, your kids will be eating packed lunch at school, eating all the fun stuff and leaving the fruit and veg to go back in the bag! With each passing year their tastes change and what they were into 6 months ago is no longer the same. Put a lunch box on your back to school list and give them something to smile about when they open their bags at break time. 
5. Gym clothes
Activity at school is essential not only to help the kids burn off all that energy bouncing round inside them, but also to help the teachers get through the day! Your children are growing as we speak and will probably need new trainers, socks, shorts and tops that match the school uniform. If they haven’t outgrown the previous set, it’s likely it might need replacing due to wear and tear.
6. School uniform
The most expensive item of all on the list can be the cost of school uniform. Shirts, blouses, socks, shoes, trousers, ties and blazers regularly need to be replaced. If they are moving up from primary to secondary they may need to wear different colours. Or they may just have outgrown the last set they had. It usually pays to get this early to avoid being put on the waiting list if the supplier goes out of stock.

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