Asmod é e UK sent us this game for free in exchange for an honest review any opinions are my own. #BoardGameClub The Basics... Get Pac...

Get Packing... Board Game Review [AD]

By August 03, 2019

Asmodée UK sent us this game for free in exchange for an honest review any opinions are my own. #BoardGameClub

The Basics...
Get Packing is a board game for 6+ years up to 4 players, the aim of the game is to get all items on your destination card into the suitcase and make sure it shuts before the other players do.
It's a quick game that takes around 15/20 mins to play but is so much fun you'll want to play more than once

The Object of the game...
Each player gets a suitcase, 13 objects and a destination card (there's 30 in total spanning a variety of difficulties), not all 13 objects go into the suitcase together so the card will choose 9 and leave the rest to the side. The play pieces are different shapes and sizes ranging from different colors too to make it fun for the little ones.

Our Review...
Lilli was so excited when we received it she wanted to play straight away, so we sat down and read the rules and got to playing straight away. We got out a suitcase each, a bag of items and a destination card each and the race was on! (I tried to be a tad slower to help Lilli who's 6 catch up) at first, she found it really tricky to be able to get them all in the case but soon she figured out she needed to tesselate the items to make them fit.

The game overall is great and only takes about 10 mins to play but is really fun to race against each other. Lilli really enjoyed it and can't wait to play with her friends too! I'd defiantly say its a 6+ game as children younger than this maybe wouldn't get the concept of moving the pieces around to fit in the case.
I as a parent think this is a brilliant game that makes them use their brain which is fantastic! Plus being someone who likes to travel this is a really fun game to play (maybe they can even help pack the suitcase for our holiday!!)

This game is so much fun for adults too and not just because I love board games because it really is a lot of fun, I could see me and some friends having our game night drinks with this game and getting a lot of laughs in the process!
Get Packing is available to purchase on Amazon and in selected toy stores so click the link above now!

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