It's coming up to Christmas and these toys are the must-have for any little one, the award-winning Bananas from Bandai , series 3 is her...

Bandai Bananas Series 3 [AD]

By October 27, 2019

It's coming up to Christmas and these toys are the must-have for any little one, the award-winning Bananas from Bandai, series 3 is here and we got sent a hamper full of Bananas toys and other fruits too and they're crazy cute.

Look how incredible this hamper is!

The Bananas for Bananas toys have been out for 2 series already and are totally adorable and well sought after. Well, series 3 is finally here and they have added some new fruits in the mix!

These amazing smelling fruits come in Bananas, lemon and lime, and the all-new strawberry edition too! They all smell so good and have 3 little supprises inside, peel the skin down and reveal some 3 blind bags to open, one that includes an animal ranging from popular to ultra-rare, one that has a hook stand for the animal and another that includes stickers and little plastic treats.

Each Animal/Pet has a BFF from the same collection and with over 15 to collect they'll all have a cute little buddy to love!

This new collection introduces
new single chocolate-dipped bananas in their signature bright colors, brand new strawberries with 2 limited characters to be found!

Peel Bananas™ to reveal 13 mini surprises inside, including a cute Crushie character, two mini squishy friends, gemstone stickers to decorate the Crusher or Banana™, a collector sheet with character stickers, and a hanging vine to display your Crusher friends.

Kids can monkey-around by hanging them on a backpack, or re-seal them to take on the go and trade with friends.

The ultimate Bananas fan will be sent into a spin with the addition of the Bananas Playhouse which peels and even has a secret passage! Included are 13 items – limited edition crushie, limited edition Strawberry Drizzle Banana, hanger vine, gem sticker sheet, 2 squeezable friends, collectors sheet open to reveal a Bananas-themed play environment with places to hang vines, furniture & stickers, a secret door, a banana slide, a merry-go-round, a flower tree and even a chair for your crushie to relax

Last but certainly not least is the piece de resistance, the BIG Bananas Carrying Case. This holds a whopping 56 goodies including, 6 Ice Cream Bananas, 2 Limited Edition Bananas, 1
unique Crushie, 1 hanging vine, 2 squeezable friends, collector sheet with stickers and gemstone stickers. This is the ultimate carry case where collectibles fans can store all their bananas.

We were so excited to receive the hamper and unbox the toys, we've had so much fun playing, now it's your turn! Go Buy some at Smyths Toys now! 

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