When it comes to Orlando, majority of the parents think that all they can do with their kids is take them to the theme parks. That is not al...

4 Places To Visit In Orlando With Kids That Don’t Include Theme Parks

By October 30, 2019

When it comes to Orlando, majority of the parents think that all they can do with their kids is take them to the theme parks. That is not always the case. There are actually a number of sites that you can visit and explore that don’t include theme parks. If you want the best experience, we would suggest you rent out your own car from somewhere reliable like Miles Car Rental and set out on a roadtrip with the family.

To help you plan a good itinerary, we are going to suggest some of the places that you can take your kids to.

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The Great Magic Hall

Kids love magic and what better way to make their day rather than taking them to the best place to experience the unbelievable. The artists performing there are experts at illusion and to provide the kids with an experience that they would remember for a good life. They bring forth a variety of shows with some of the popular guests and magicians that you can sit down and enjoy. Along with that, also make sure to explore the Room of Wonder with your kid while you are at it.

Orlando Science Centre

If you want your kids to learn some important things while on a vacation, taking them to the Orlando Science Centre is possibly the best option. This place is a 64-year-old museum that harbours some of the best things science that will leave your kids in complete awe. The wide range of exhibits and the natural surroundings make it up for an amazing spot that you can visit with your kids. We would suggest you make a day trip out of it with car hiring in Orlando and visit the next place we mention once you are done exploring science.

Orlando Museum of Art

Art is another prospect that kids love and enjoy to indulge in. If your kids specifically have a liking towards art, take them to the Orlando Museum of Art the next time you visit that place. They have a wide range of exhibits on display from some of the most popular artists from across. They do have exhibits of contemporary art as well that the kids might love.

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Orlando Eye

Last but not the least has to be the observatory in Orlando, otherwise known as the ICON Orlando or the Orlando Eye. The view from the top of this observation center is breathtaking. You can witness the entire city from up in a panoramic view like never before.

So, the next time you plan for a trip down to Orlando with your kids, these are some of the spots that you can take them apart from theme parks. For the best experience, rent out a car and just make a road trip out of the experience.

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