Atlanta is one of those places in the United States that people know about but don’t care to visit much. While this urban- esque  spot is q...

4 Unusual Places To Explore In Atlanta

By November 02, 2019

Atlanta is one of those places in the United States that people know about but don’t care to visit much. While this urban-esque spot is quite an amazing place, you do need to plan your itinerary. If you want the best experience while in Atlanta, you shouldn’t crowd around the spots that people are already going to visit. There are some hidden 
spots that you can only explore while you drive down there on your own. For this, book a car rental in Atlantaand just set sail through this beautiful city.
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To help you plan your itinerary, we have sorted out some unusual spots to visit in Atlanta.

Chamblee Antique Row

It is located in the suburb of Chamblee and is one of the hidden treasures of Atlanta. The place is littered with some of the most popular antique shops and emporiums that you can visit and explore for an overwhelming experience. The place is spread across a huge area of 8,000 sq.ftand ensures to fill your desires to the brim. You can look around, photograph things and even buy stuff if something catches your eye. 

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East Palisades Trail

For the nature lovers who are seeking some recluse out of their daily like, renting a car in Atlantahelps you indulge in some amazing sights. Pack your bags and drive down to the East Palisades Trail. This is a piece of paradise in Atlanta and is often less packed with people given how not many people are aware of this spot in the first place. It is filled with several marked trails and riverside walkways that you can visit on your own or even bring your dog along. The bamboo forest there is also quite an amazing spot to explore.

Chattahoochee Diving

Another calming spot that you can visit while in Atlanta has to be “The Diving Rock” as it is often commonly termed as. The entire place is surrounded with a lush blanket of greenery along with some amazing lake view that you can chill alongside. The cliff is a perfect getaway for people looking for a soothing environment for their weekend getaway. Make sure to be very careful about the diving spots because they can be a bit dangerous.

Dekalb Farmers Market

Not many would think of this as a tourist spot, but the Dekalb Farmers Market is definitely worth the visit. Looking through the fresh, organic produce and even the amazing delicacies that you can try out along the way does make up for a wholesome experience.
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The next time you plan a trip to Atlanta, make sure that these unusual spots are in your itinerary without any fail.

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