This is a collaborative post with Affiliate links, by clicking the links and purchasing the product I get a percentage of your sale at no e...

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

By November 11, 2019

This is a collaborative post with Affiliate links, by clicking the links and purchasing the product I get a percentage of your sale at no extra cost to you.

Christmas is fast approaching, payday has been and its time to get buying them all-important gifts, we've put together the best list of what gifts to get this year, with everything from top toys, sparkling jewellery, and tech there's literally something for everyone to enjoy!

Must-Have Toys:

Bananas: You may have seen our recent post about these but I had to mention them again, the Bananas Surprise toys are still a massive hit in this house, so much that they've been added to the list for Santa too! Including a cute little animal surprise toy, some mini treats and stickers they're perfect for your little ones! Plus the new Strawberries are adorable and smell amazing.

Frozen 2: if your child's anything like mine she's so excited to see Frozen 2... But all the toys are already in the shops and there's so much to choose from, take an adventure with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf with these great dolls and playsets from The Entertainer.

LOL OMG dolls:
These dolls aren't like your usual LOL dolls these are full-size dolls with its own little dressing room playset, with so many supprises these are bound to be hot on the list this year! I've even had trouble finding them and its only 11 days into November!! they're selling FAST!! Smyths toys have them on sale and/or Pre-order so get there quick!

Toy story 4 ultimate walking talking buzz lightyear:
It's exactly what it says on the label but so much more! With toy story 4 being the massive hit this year its no surprise this is a top toy for Christmas, and if your child's anything like mine they're Toy Story mad, have loads of great adventures with this buzz for only £25 from Argos. 

LOL winter chalet: Now this item may be at the top of your little one's list and why not! LOL dolls and accessories have been a constant hit, get this amazing large size winter chalet from Argos with 95+ supprises a winter disco family, a working ski lift and an ice rink it's the perfect place for a winter holiday! 

DC Imaginext transforming RC batmobile: with a remote control batmobile that transforms into a super fun playset you'll have this zooming around the living room on Christmas day for sure! Buy from Argos now. 

Kinderlist is a brilliant wishlist platform site that let's you create list for your child by selecting toys from retailers and other websites on to one list that's shareable with friends, grandparents and anyone else that would love to buy your little one a gift! 

Kinderlist also make it easy to see who's bought what so sending that thank you note is so much easier!

Little Toys:
What2Buy4Kids has some amazing little toys for great stocking fillers and with our discount, you can get 10% off just use the code MMONST218 and save now!

Trustworthy Tech:

The Imo Mobile Q2 Plus: Mobiles for teens can get expensive, especially if they just seem to magically break all the time! Well IMO Mobile has a solution, the Q2 Plus, a smartphone with all the specs for a small price, these amazing phones can be purchased for £39.99 from Argos and Vodafone and they're perfect for that first phone.
Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels

Amazon Fire Kids: Now if your looking to get a tablet for the kids this is the one to get, honestly it's brilliant, it comes with fire for kids installed, over 100 apps and games to play, a protective case and a 2 year warranty with no fuss guaranteed, if anything goes wrong or accidentally gets smashed they'll replace it absolutely free of charge! Bonus for those little ones and so worth the money. Find it HERE

Vtech Kiddiezoom Duo 5.0:
Let them go wild talking great pictures, videos and playing games with their flashy new camera (see what I did there?) with fun effects and frames taking pictures couldn't get any more fun! Find it here at Very

Fit Watch: Fit watches are all the rage and they are really awesome they track your steps, your calories burned and how far you've travelled, mine connects to my phone and can even find it if I lose it. With just 1 hour of charging can give my watch a whole week or more of battery life and was only £19.99 from Argos

The Santa App:
We use this every year and pay £1.99 (or you can use the free version), you can get Santa to call you, you can send texts or ring his voicemail, you input your child's name and age and what they like and can select a call from Santa to praise good behaviour, warn about going on the naughty list or even wish a merry Christmas it really is fantastic, plus for older children there's a 'ensure Santa is real' call too! 
Find it on the app store here...Android or IOS 

Sparkling Jewellery:

Know someone who deserves that perfect gift? Well Lisa Edwards Jewellery has it, from beautiful blingy rings to stunning necklaces there's so much to choose from, it's a perfect gift this Christmas for that special someone.

Satisfying Subscriptions:

First up is kids Pass, I've written about this before and it really is great, money off for great days out, cinema, kids eat free and even save on holidays too! Try the Kids Pass for just £1 for 30days!

Next is the amazing Taste Card, with 2 for 1 on meals, money off cinema and popular attractions its hard to pass up on this!
Try Taste Card for 60 days for Just £1 then it's only £4.99 a month after! CLICK HERE for the offer

Taste Card was in the mood for giving this Christmas so we're giving away a month subscription for FREE to one lucky winner! Enter below to WIN!

Christmassy Gifts:

Christmas Eve Box: Now we're all about the Christmas traditions, and one of our favourites is a Christmas eve box, but unfortunately, it seems like every year I buy a new one and they don't last so we decided to go for a wooden box and make it personalised too!
So, I Just Love It sent us this incredibly amazing Christmas eve box personalized with our family name it's big enough for our hot chocolate, marshmallows, sweets, and a Christmas movie too, just perfect for our little tradition :) you can personalise your own box HERE.

Letters from Santa:
We reviewed these last year and it really is the coolest thing ever, get a personalised letter from Santa to your little ones, including where they live and you can even add their friends name too so Santa can say he will visit them next, you can buy the letter by itself or with a pack of activities too! 
It really is lovely. Visit the Lapland Mail Room to get yours! 

2020 Calendar:
for Christmas every year I get a calendar from my mum, its kinda cute and always helps throughout the year, well this year I'm opting for a Dog's Trust calendar, with a month-month view featuring heart-warming photographs of dogs we have helped in their 20 rehoming centres around the UK. Find it HERE

Etsy: Now everyone likes a great handmade gift and you'll find the best on Etsy, made with love and a touch of Christmas joy, give your loved one a part of the magic this year! Click the image below to find your perfect gift!

Scrumptious Treats:

No Christmas is complete without some treats, a fat Turkey and a snowball or two! Iceland has got you covered this year with dome great deals on meats and all the trimmings, maybe even a little drink or two! Plus get free home delivery when you spend over £25 online!

Chocolates: There's always that one treat you have at Christmas that you look forward to and for me, it's Quality Street!
The strawberry cremes, the toffee pennies and that orange crunch! They are all divine and there's always a tin on the table full!
get yours at your local supermarket and make Christmas extra special.

Board Games:

Pacmat: now this isn't any ordinary board game, its actually a large picnic blanket with a game on, the mat comes in a netted carry bag with dice and counters too so it's great for those wet winter days to play indoors the, in the summer can be taken outside for a game and then a lovely picnic too! The mat is compact, light and waterproof too so don't worry about it getting dirty it can be machine washed too!
You can find this amazing mat at Ordanance Survey.

Dobble: we've written about Dobble before and we have the Harry Potter version but this game is brilliant for kids and is great for, on the go, we even took it to Disney to play on the Eurostar! With Dobble you match the pictures with the card you have and see who wins the most it's really fun and can get really competitive too! Definitely a must-have for school-aged kids and above. FIND IT HERE


In our house advent is really exciting, we all have our Calander's and I have an advent candle to burn each night to count down, here are the best calendars I've seen!

M&S Beauty advent calendar, it contains over £300 worth of beauty products for only £40!! A Bargain even if you're giving it as a gift.

Wilko Blox advent calendar, now if you're a bit of a cheapskate like me you know the Lego ones are like £25 each and with 4 kids that's £100 so the cheaper alternative is Wilko Blox, open the doors and build something cute every day and have fun playing.
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

Kinnerton chocolate calendars, they're £1 each and come in so many different designs like LOL, Peppa pig, paw patrol, superhero, and even sprouts! Buy these at your local card factory for just £1

Gordon's Pink Gin Gin 5cl & Chocolate Advent Calendar.
Know someone who loves pink gin? Get them this with 24 mini chocolates and a 5cl bottle of the pink stuff it's self it's easy to love for just £4.99 from B&M

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar:
With 24 gifts including 7 Minifigures, this will keep any Harry Potter fan happy this advent. Buy it at B&M for £23.99

Family Breaks:
Everyone loves a family break and LEGOLAND is the perfect destination for little ones, join in the fun this winter with the master builders at Legoland UK

Haven Holidays:
Haven is best known for fun and relaxation, the parks that have it all! we have an annual family holiday here and it's always amazing with so many great memories. BOOK YOURS HERE FOR 2020!

I really do hope you find this useful and have a really amazing Christmas!

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