Planning a trip away is always exciting, especially with kids, Paris is the perfect little city break for all the family, there’s so many pl...

Paris City Breaks With Voyage Privé

By November 09, 2019

Planning a trip away is always exciting, especially with kids, Paris is the perfect little city break for all the family, there’s so many places to go and so many adventures to be had. Booking with Voyage Privé couldn’t be easier to help your trip be as magical and fun as you want it to be.

Booking The Right Accommodation: 
Want something local? Stunning views? Or maybe something that’s a little hidden gem, well Voyage Privé have it all, with big hotels, quaint little B&B’s and stunning 4* rooms on great deals all year round you won’t have to look very far to find your perfect match.

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What To Do:
With great city tours, beautiful museums, Disneyland resort and the Eiffel Tower Just a short bus ride away from the city centre you can have so much fun. 
Local attractions include The Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral, The iconic Eiffel Tower, Galeries Lafayette shopping centre, and so many more, or for a more relaxed day take a stroll down the banks of the Seine river or head over to Montmarte and find a huge range of amazing authentic wine bars and delicious restaurants
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There’s so much to explore in the city like Versailles the city of the royals, known for its amazing castle which used to be the residence of King Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, the castle is home to the room of mirrors, in this room the treaty was signed to end the First World War. 
And around 40km away from the city is Gallic Adventures at the Parc Astérix, the park is based on the world famous comic “Astérix the Gaul” its such a fun place with over 40 rollercoasters and rides for everyone your bound to have a scream! Dedicated busses run from Charles de Gaulle Airport to the park so getting there is easy too.

Now if you’ve got kids Disneyland is more than likely at the top of their list when visiting Paris, it’s a magical land where dreams come true and only an hour away from the city centre, you can buy one off day tickets and spend the whole day soaking up the fun with Minnie, Mickey and the gang, with 2 amazing parks to choose from with incredible shows and rides for all ages it really is a magical park for everyone, plus you can stay till late and watch the incredible nighttime show illuminations with spectacular fireworks and all the extra magic! 

Disneyland is located right next to Marne-la-Vallée train station with trains and busses that can take you back to the city centre for a nice sleep after all that walking. You can grab some great information on Disney Paris holidays by visiting Mummies Waiting and checking out what kids can ride and other great information.

Plane, Train or Drive:
Now Ive never been on a plane to Paris but flying is really quick and you can get to the fun so much faster than driving or taking a train. You can grab flights with your package from Voyage Privé too! 
The Eurostar is a great way to get to get to Paris, direct trains are so easy especially with children grab the Eurostar from London, Ebsfleet or Ashford then straight to Marne-la-Vallée outside Disneyland Paris, it’s only an hour away from the city centre. 

Driving is also great, catch a ferry from Dover and cross the English Channel and relax before getting back in your car and driving to your destination. Whatever way you choose it’s all very simple and fun and you’ll have a great city break, Don't forget your passports! 

So head over to Voyage Privé and get some great deals now and enjoy your Paris city break.

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