Sticking to diets is so hard for me, I'm never fully satisfied and I get really cranky so I don't want to exercise either. I've ...

Dietbon Weight Loss Meals Review

By November 07, 2019

Sticking to diets is so hard for me, I'm never fully satisfied and I get really cranky so I don't want to exercise either. I've tried almost every diet technique under the sun and calorie counting seems the most efficient way, so, I teamed up with Dietbon to prove how effective their weight loss meals are and to try shift this stubborn weight.
Dietbon is made from 100% natural ingredients that are incredibly tasty and really efficient and time saving. 

Including ready meals for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner plus a teatox too, it's sent fresh directly to you by courier and all ready to start your journey, Dietbon uses a mixture of low fat, low carb, and autonomy day techniques that make for delicious food an even better weight loss. 
The autonomy day is a day you can cook for yourself, go to a friends or eat out at a restaurant. 

The package comes with a great booklet with so much information and great recipes for your non-plan days, it even has a space for any questions you have for the dietician and a graph to track your weight loss as well as a phone call from a specialist Dietician to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Here's how I got on...

Day1: I was really nervous to start with, thinking the meals would be awful and I'd hate it and it was the extreme opposite, I loved it, I had pancakes toasted for breakfast with a cup of Energy tea to start my day, I headed off to work and had a lemon cake for a snack around 1.30pm.
When I got home I had Chicken Pasta salad with vegetables, and I have to say its to die for, it had been refrigerated so was nice and cold and fresh too.

Day2: for day 2 I had my off-plan day as I was travelling and visiting family but tried not to eat over my calories for the day, I had pasta with passata and herbs for my dinner that night so it wasn't too bad.

Day3: Day 3 came easy with just a lemon cake for breakfast with some tea, I didn't have lunch but had another tea instead, then for dinner I had Sautéed Pork with potatoes and vegetables and it was delicious like it had been home-cooked and just stuck in a container, definitely one of my favourites so far.

Day4: for the day 4 dinner I tried the pasta and meatballs and it was so saucy and lovely, cooked in the microwave for only 2.5mins it was perfect temperature and ready to eat. For desert, I had an Apple and Pear compote which was delicious.

Day5: Today started off well and I had a coffee with some extra milk for calcium, I had a banana with my lunch (spicy tomato and  beef soup) which was delicious, then when I got home I had the chicken with Mash potatoes and vegetables which didn't really fill me up but I didn't have any cravings to eat anything else.

Day6: today was an easy day, I was at work all day so had a light breakfast of coffee with a lemon cake, for lunch I had the salmon with carbonara pasta and I'm not much of a fish lover but this was lovely. Once I got home I had an apple for a snack then had the Navarin with roasted vegetables and roast chicken for dinner with some grated cheese to top up my calcium.

Day7: today was my last day and I really think I saved the best meals til last! I had an apple and pear compote for breakfast with my coffee and headed off to work, had a quick snack of a Lemon cake and a banana for lunch then got home and had ravioli with pesto and goats cheese for dinner this meal has to be one of my absolute favourites and id definitely recommend anyone to get this!!

What I think:
Well for starters I've lost...5lb And I'm feeling fantastic! I know 5lb isn't a lot but it really does make a big difference in how I feel.
The meals are truly delicious I was so worried I wouldn't like them but they were so tasty and filling I was surprised at how I didn't crave food in between meals either, overall I really enjoyed the plan and would 100% try it again but for longer! I'm so happy with my loss and feel better in my mindset to reach my goals.

My Dietary Consultation:
Before I started the plan I had a 30 minute phone call from a dietary consultant to discuss my plan with me and also and answer any queries I had, she was extremely friendly and happy to help with my questions about the program, we discussed about my exercise routine and also how much extra calcium and vitamins I need along with the program too. She gave me helpful tips about what exercise I need to be doing and how I can balance it in with my lifestyle, it really was just like talking to a friend I was so comfortable on the phone to her, she really did make me at ease with it all.

More info:

The cost of the program is...
• 1 month: £76 per week
• 2 months: £67 per week
• 3 months: £59 per week
• 4 months: £44 per week

This amounts to less than £7 per day for 4 meals, including delivery and dietary consultations which is a really great deal, plus you can get a 15% discount with the code, WELCOME as well as a free 28-day Morning & Night detox tea cure. To do this, it is necessary to use this link :

This is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own.

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