Christmas is a wonderful time of year where we all enjoy spending time with all our family. The extended family included. We gather around...

Planning A Big Family Christmas Getaway

By November 08, 2019

 Christmas is a wonderful time of year where we all enjoy spending time with all our family. The extended family included. We gather around, enjoy the company, play silly games, enjoy a huge sit-down dinner and get merry right through to the new year celebrations. Some people enjoy staying at home whereas others like to book a breakaway. If you have a large family, however, there can be a lot to consider when planning a Christmas break away, especially if the extended family are going to be joining you. 

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Let’s have a look below at some of the consideration you need to make: 


The type of accommodation and size is, of course, going to be ruled by who is going. If it’s you and your children then a small cosy cottage might suffice however if nans, grandads, aunt and uncles are also going to be tagging along then you are definitely going to need to think about hiring a larger property that’s going to cater for everyone. There is an abundance of options on sites such as Air B n B and Hoeseasons have some great options. You can even narrow down your requirements for things such as how many rooms you need, how bathrooms, the size of the dining table and the amount of car parking spaces available. 


When planning a big family trip it’s important to make careful considerations over how you are going to travel, especially in the winter months. If there is going to a lot of your travelling, it might be a good idea to car share or think about Coach hire. This way you are minimising the number of cars on the road, how many people are driving and also reducing the cost of fuel. It will also help with car parking at your destination. You can get coaches that seat as little as 19 people which is the ideal size for a few families to go together. 

Food And Drink 

For most, food and drink is a big part of the Christmas season, with many of us indulging in a few drinks, luxury foods and tins of chocolates. In fact, the Christmas food shop is most likely the most expensive food shop of the year, with a lot of people needing to save in order to be able to splash out with supermarket tokens throughout the year. It’s a good idea to think about grabbing some deals while you can and stocking up rather than bulk buying especially if there is going to be a fair few of you. If your food bill is already going to high because of Christmas think about what it would be like if you were all together in one place. However, you are able to split the bill between all of you which could work out better. 


Even though Christmas isn't all about presents it's about the time you spend together, we all still somehow get caught up in spoiling each other especially when it comes to children and Santa. When staying away it's worth considering leaving the majority of the presents until you are home otherwise you are going to end up using all your space in your vehicle with gifts rather than the things you actually need. You could always use a roof carrier or trailer but if these aren't items you already have it could be a little bit expensive just for a Christmas getaway. 

Christmas is fast approaching so it's definitely time to get into full preparation mode. Whether you're going away or staying at home, it's time to get that to-do list out and start ticking things off. Do you have anything that should be added to everyone's Christmas list? Please share in the comments section. 

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