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Why a Home Extension Could Be Great for Your Family

By January 06, 2020

Ask most parents what they need to enhance family life and the answer is always the same - more space! Whether a first-time Mum with a new-born on the way, caring for boisterous toddlers or dealing with temperamental teens, chances are you could do with some extra space.
Although some families choose to move to a new property when they outgrow their existing home, this isn’t always the right option. If you love your current home and cherish the memories you’ve made there, you may not want to trade it for somewhere different. Furthermore, if you’re in a good school catchment area and have a network of support around you, you might be understandably reluctant to give this up.
Fortunately, there are other options. Instead of moving to a new location to access the space you need, you can enhance your home by adding an extension. With plenty of designs to consider, it’s easy to find one that works for your property and your family.
If you crave extra space but you’re not sure how to get it, take a look at how an extension can enhance your family life…
1. Reduced costs
Extending your existing home could be substantially cheaper than moving to a new property. If you want to access extra space, buying a property with an extra bedroom or reception room could be out of your budget. While moving to a cheaper area could enable you to do it, you could then be facing more in travel or commuting costs. In addition to this, buying or selling a property can involve fees, professional surveys and, sometimes, tax liabilities. 
In contrast, the cost of extending your home can be far less. While you’ll need to pay for the cost of labour and construction products, it is unlikely these will equate to the same level of investment that moving house requires. When you want to create space on a budget, a home extension is often the best way forward. 
2. Extra rooms
Extending your home gives you the freedom to create your own blueprint. For most people, however, the benefit of having more rooms is one of the main attractions. If you want your children to have their own rooms, for example, you could add a bedroom with a loft conversion or two-storey extension. 
If you crave more space downstairs, a wraparound extension will give you extra room at both the side and rear of your property. Alternatively, if you want somewhere quiet you can work from home, you can create your own bespoke garden office with heating, WiFi and electricity.
3. Increased value
Maximising the square footage of your home will increase its value. Although you might not be thinking of selling your property any time soon, it is always beneficial to increase the value of your home whenever you can. In fact, the cost of a home extension can often be offset by the positive impact it has on your house price. 
As well as benefiting you if you decide to sell in the future, increasing the value of your home could have other advantages too. If you ever want to remortgage and release equity, for example, the increased property value will give you more options. 
Perhaps you’d like to finance your child’s university education or buy them their first car? Maybe you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime family holiday? Whatever you want to spend your money on, adding value to your property could increase the range of options available to your family. 
Enhancing Your Home With An Extension
As well as saving you money and increasing your options in the future, an extension can be a relatively stress-free way to secure extra space. While moving to a new home involves assessing potential locations, viewing houses and dealing with prospective buyers viewing your own home, choosing to extend your property is far simpler. 
Once you’ve decided on the type of extension you want for your home, you’ll simply need to choose your preferred building firm and decide when you would like to job completed. Having any work carried out on your home can be disruptive but it is far less hassle than trying to pack up your belongings and transport them to a new property. Indeed, a home extension can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes for a house purchase to be completed. 
If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward way to give your family the extra space they need, a home extension could be the ideal solution for you.  

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