I f you are undertaking some home renovation over the winter months but find yourself conflicted by your budget, you don’t want to make the ...

Is Karndean the Product for Me?

By November 16, 2021

If you are undertaking some home renovation over the winter months but find yourself conflicted by your budget, you don’t want to make the mistake of going for something cheap and not suitable just to cover the floor for now.

Whilst choosing something subpar may lead you to think you are discovering a real bargain, knowing what is reliable and will not need repairs and touch-ups over time is a major focus for those wanting long-lasting solutions. In that sense, Karndean Click vinyl flooring has reaped benefits for those looking to keep their budget in line and have a great product for it.

Low Maintenance 

When enjoying your home, you want to be able to sit and enjoy the time without the constant worry of needing to clean up.

One of the biggest benefits which turn people towards vinyl is the ability to switch off from worrying about the floor. The many manufactured safeguards that vinyl provides include anti-scratch and anti-slip wear layers - which is a relief if you have kids or animals running through your room. The floor has the durability to withstand any potential accidents.

With all that added durability and extra cushioned texture, vinyl can withstand much more than other household flooring options, which goes a long way towards further peace of mind.


Above all of the style and protection that luxury vinyl flooring presents, you want to know that what you will spend on your flooring is worth the investment.

People who invest in Karndean Click vinyl flooring are quick to discover it is a much cheaper option over any carpet, laminate or wood/stone featured flooring. What you also can take into consideration is the relative savings over several areas.

Should any individual piece of flooring need to be replaced, it can be done without disrupting the entire floor by taking out the damaged piece and replacing it with another. With the individual planks or tiles being very cheap to buy, you will find that it does not leave you out of pocket or have your budget stretched. 

Also, when you consider the savings on not requiring a professional fitter for the floor, you can treat it as a DIY project for that person in the house who likes to undertake a challenge.

Easy Clean

Everyone has those fears of embarrassing situations where you may need to hide sections of your floor due to spillages from drinks or sauces.

Instead of paying out for every kind of expensive chemical solution to clean up blotches on your floor, vinyl offers a simple solution - warm soapy water, a sponge or a mop. There are other ways people have taken to cleaning their vinyl with ease to retain its original gloss, and with the benefit of anti-moisture properties, you are ensured that there is no leaking to the subfloor and ruining the long term prospects of your floor.

This makes vinyl perfect for a kitchen where heavy activity requires a floor at can take the heat. When working within a set budget for renovation, Karndean Click vinyl flooring is a firm favourite for keeping money, style and security safe and sound as the best product on the market.

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