So for those that didn't know by my very obvious baby spam on instagram i had a baby 6 weeks ago 30/12/21, this is my birthing story an...

I had a baby...

By February 20, 2022

 So for those that didn't know by my very obvious baby spam on instagram i had a baby 6 weeks ago 30/12/21, this is my birthing story and a little update on family life.

So my pregnancy was brilliant, sod all morning sickness, I was very active still and there were no complications or issues apart from her being breach til 38 weeks, so overall fab! I was due on Xmas day but as all my babies have been she was late too!

I started off in slow Labour for about 2 weeks on and off having bouts of contractions then suddenly nothing again. This honestly was getting me down and draining me so I got booked in for an induction, during the time from my appointment with the consultant to the 29th (my induction date) I caught the lovely covid along with my 5 year old boy and their dad, obviously because I was in slow Labour the hospital still wanted to induce me so I had to leave my boy with my friend because his dad was so ill with it he physically couldn't look after him and then my mum (who was covid free) came into the hospital with me, they put us straight into a private room and then started the process.

So at around 4.30pm I got given tree he 24hour pessary, me and mum sat and played bingo and a just chatted, had some food and then my covid fever hit! The room was 25 degrees I had clothes on with a dressing gown and 2 hospital blankets and I was still shivering, I was burning up and i ended up drifting in and out of sleep, I then told my mum to go home as it could be hours til something came of the pessary and I felt bad not being alert with her there.

1am came and id woken up sweating like a sinner in church! And bam! My contractions were In full force my button to call the midwife was on the floor but I was in too much pain to get up and pick it up, I was literally holding on to the bars of the bed and screaming in pain til a midwife came in, they checked me and I was 4cm dilated! 

After they checked me I was riding with them for a good while and they got extremely painful so I asked for the pethidine injection at 3am and then phoned my stepdad to bring my mum back to the hospital as I didn't think it would be long, well from that it was a blur I got given the gas and air to help with the pain and 10 mins later my waters broke, I told the midwife I needed to push and got layed flat, she pushed the emergency button and another midwife came in I didn't know what was going on but was in so much pain to ask. She then told me to push and my mum still hadn't turned up, I gave 3 big pushes and she was out, just as they laid her on my chest my mum walked in crying with joy for me! They took her off me straight away, gave her oxygen and rubbed her down, she was so perfect, breathing fine but hadn't cried yet and they were concerned, she was fully alert and Just so content.

We had lots of skin to skin cuddles and breastfeeding, I got a nappy on her and her first outfit and ran myself a much needed bath, other than feeling emotional and quite sore my covid symptoms had totally disappeared which was great! 

Felicity Thea Wright was born at 3.41am weighing 7lb 11oz 

7 weeks on and Im finally writing this post! Life with 2 kids a newborn is stressful but so rewarding we have our good days and bad days but we're happy just us 4! 

Flick is now weighing over 10lb and is combi feeding boob and bottles of formula she's a brilliant sleeper and loves to be in the bath, Im so excited to see her firsts and watch her grow! 

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