Everything you need to know about hiring someone to keep you company. If you are a woman looking for a few hours of company, the largest and...

An Inside Look at London's "Gentlemen for Hire" Industry.

By January 19, 2024

Everything you need to know about hiring someone to keep you company.

If you are a woman looking for a few hours of company, the largest and most respected straight male escort agency in the UK will have you covered.

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Your city is the backdrop of an active social life for many. There is always something to do, from the buzzing nightlife to work events - if you need someone to share these moments, you can hire a male escort to join you in having fun. Dating life become more difficult to navigate, and if you just want to have a date experience without the expectations of romance attached, or a companion to spend time with - there is an option for you. 

Having been in the business for over a decade, women can choose from a catalogue of escorts that boasts a wide variety of gentlemen to choose from. There are scores of men between the ages of 20 and 60 who are from different areas and can make it to a date on short notice if needed. 

Client safety is paramount

One thing that this industry doesn’t shirk on is ensuring the safety of their female clients. They provide an ethical non-sexual service with experienced escorts who are reliable and trustworthy. We take our reviews and feedback from clients very seriously. We make sure that the women placing their trust in us are not in any danger. We offer both support and advice for clients and are willing to answer any question - except sex-related queries, we won’t answer them at all. This service is a great way for women to gain social confidence and experience new adventures. 

About male escorts

Most of our escorts have previously been in the industry and know their way around the job. This is a way for men to earn a second income, and meet interesting people, while also having fun. However, to be an escort there is a criterion that they need to satisfy - this is to be groomed and well-mannered, as most women aren’t looking for a model just a companion.

How do you hire an escort:

The website has a catalogue of men to choose from, the client contacts the escort directly to arrange a meeting. Each escort has their own fee and hourly rates, listed on their profile, which need to be paid upfront. Escorts need to have integrity, be kind and honest, and respect their clients at all times. In return, they get to have unique experiences and develop confidence at the same time. There are escorts based in many different areas in the UK, but the London male escort catalogue is the biggest.

Things the client needs to know:

There is no membership fee attached when hiring the escort, only the escort’s rates. There is a minimum booking time attached, but this can be discussed with the escort before the date begins. You pay the escort in cash in full at the beginning of the date - and there is no cut for the company. 

You pay for everything surrounding the date, save for the escort’s travelling to and from the rendezvous point. It is best to meet your escort for the first time in a public place - like a hotel bar. 

You will be able to speak with the escort before the date to give them all the important information they need. Also if there is a social event that they are being taken to, then you will have to brief them on your expectations beforehand. 


Booking time with an escort is great for women who are struggling to find a plus one for the events they are attending or even those who just want to have the experience of a date without any romantic and sexual expectations. There are plenty of escorts available in London to spend time with. 

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