Whether your old auto is starting to look a little past its sell-by date, and you think that now is the time to upgrade, or you want to be a...

What Should You Be Looking For When Buying A New Family Car?

Whether your old auto is starting to look a little past its sell-by date, and you think that now is the time to upgrade, or you want to be able to spend your free time on something other than staying at home, switching up to a new car can have a profound impact on the quality of your life. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time commuting to work or driving with the family. But what should you be considering when you’re making your next choice of car?

Where you’re driving it

Some cars are simply much better suited to different environments than others. There’s nothing, exactly, to stop you from having a Range Rover in the city but you won’t be taking advantage of many of the features that you’re paying for, and you might well have trouble finding parking space. Size, terrain suitability, and the different fuel efficiencies of a car, based on whether you’re driving in the city or on the motorway, should factor into what environment a car is best suited to.

Does it fit your family?

If you have a family, then this should be one of the very first things that you think of. Family-friendly cars tend to be all about how much space they can afford, both in the seating options they come with as well as the boot space they have for storage. You may want to make sure that the whole family can fit safely and comfortably into your car, and that it has space for any baby seats, schoolbags, instrument cases, or whatever else you might have to bring around when you’re running your family.

Its reliability and safety

Although it’s up to you how much of a priority it should be, reliability should at least be something that you think about. Cars that are renowned for being well-engineered and with high reliability, such as a Volkswagen, are a lot more likely to last you longer, give you less trouble on the road, and better maintain their value as a result. You should consider what safety features the vehicle has, as well, as good reliability can be undermined if the car gets into a collision.

How it factors into your budget

  • Even if you’re able to take the initial buying price of the car with no issue, that’s not the only way that your choice of car can affect your budget. For one, deciding whether to buy a new car or a used car can affect its affordability greatly. Different cars have different insurance costs, for one, and you have to consider their fuel efficiency, as well, which again factors into the question of where and how you drive it. Try to get an idea of the running costs of a car before you make your final decision.

The elements of a car that factor most in your decision are likely to change from person to person, but it’s important to at least think about those above so that you’re able to consider a car in its totality before making a decision.

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London, whilst quite a small city if you’re coming from anywhere in the Americas, is incredibly dense and filled to the brim with things to ...

Will 2 Weeks In London Be Good Enough For You?

London, whilst quite a small city if you’re coming from anywhere in the Americas, is incredibly dense and filled to the brim with things to do. And you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to do these things either; there are so many free London attractions that can take hours to go round! That means spending 2 weeks in the heart of England’s capital can be great fun, and perfect for a family holiday too. 

Get a Self Catering Apartment

London can be expensive at the best of times, but if you’re travelling and looking to spend around 14 days in the center of the city, it’s best to get a self catering apartment. In doing so you won’t pay premium hotel fees, you won’t need to dine out in restaurants every night, and you can spend as much time as possible in bed instead of dealing with an early morning checkout. 

TVs in something like an AirBnB are also a lot more traveller friendly; if you want to know how to get f1 tv pro in uk and then stream it right to the screen, you won’t need to deal with a hotel’s input locks either. That makes enjoying your favorite events a lot easier, especially if you’re traveling in the middle of the sporting season! 

Day Trip on the Regular

London is very well connected in terms of public transport. As such, if you ever get bored in the big city, you can day trip out and come back all within a few hours. Head to one of the numerous stations, hop on a train, and have fun exploring a new town, city, or village. 

You could head to places like Cambridge, Brighton, Winchester, and the Cotswolds, or you could even head to them all! However, make sure you pack either a lunch each or one big picnic to take with you. Even though you’re out of London, costs can still be high - especially if you’ve headed off to a popular tourist spot. 

Don’t Do the Free Stuff All at Once!

Yes, London has a lot of free attractions going, but you shouldn’t blow them all in the first couple of days you spend there. You’re going to need to stagger them to try and save some money over the course of your 2 week trip. 

Otherwise you’re going to be saving money in the first week and spending it all (and more) in the second! You can do a free attraction and then a paid one, and go back and forth across the days in this manner. Be sure to schedule sit-down time too! 

If you’re about to spend 2 weeks in London, plan it out accordingly. A good London trip makes sure you see the best the city has to offer and you’re never going to be bored. We’d hate for you to visit the UK and think the most populous city in the landscape has nothing to offer! 

Photo by Jonathan Borba Are you wishing for a baby in the near future? If you can’t wait for that feeling of getting ready for a new baby a...

Conceiving Made Simpler: A Male and Female 101

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Are you wishing for a baby in the near future? If you can’t wait for that feeling of getting ready for a new baby and need some advice for conceiving, you’ve come to the right place. 

Got a special occasion just around the corner? Need to wrap some presents? Simply Gift Wrap  Have you covered, The service offers personaliz...

Simply Gift Wrap Review And Giveaway

Got a special occasion just around the corner? Need to wrap some presents? Simply Gift Wrap Have you covered, The service offers personalized gift wrap for any occasion such as birthdays, Valentine's, or even anniversaries. 

photo of personalised wrapping paper spead out on the floor with a gift on top

Everything you need to know about hiring someone to keep you company. If you are a woman looking for a few hours of company, the largest and...

An Inside Look at London's "Gentlemen for Hire" Industry.

Everything you need to know about hiring someone to keep you company.

If you are a woman looking for a few hours of company, the largest and most respected straight male escort agency in the UK will have you covered.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery: 

  https://unsplash.com/photos/4R6pg0Iq5IU   It should go without saying that every parent wants to provide a healthy, happy, safe and stable...

How Can You Make Your Childs' Home Safe and Stable?

 boy in green shirt holding red paper heart cutout on brown table


It should go without saying that every parent wants to provide a healthy, happy, safe and stable environment for their children. This will give them the chance to grow up well-adjusted and confident, but it can sometimes feel like you’re not doing as much as you can, or you might not be sure how to provide the stability and safety that’s essential for kids of all ages. If you want some clarity over how to achieve this stability, here are four ideas to consider. 

Promote A Routine 

The easiest way of providing stability is to promote a routine that your kids can follow. This means you should establish mealtimes, study times, and bedtimes that they stick to. 

Working with your kids to create a routine will bring some order to their day. It will help them manage their time better and not spend too much time rushing or stressing to get things done. A routine brings comfort and normality to their life, which gives them something to look forward to and arrange other activities, such as seeing friends or exercising, around the fundamental pieces. Schools work in routines and children thrive in these areas, promoting a good routine before and after school can help children be less stressed or even anxious of what's next in the day.

Encourage Education 

Many kids will groan when faced with going to school even if they love it deep down (although they might not show it). However, encouraging education will give your child plenty of options in life, which sets them up for something great. 

Parents can help encourage a love for education if they make learning fun. Some concepts can be dull and tricky to understand, so try conceptualising these subjects with things your kids know and recognise. 

Keep Them Healthy 

Keeping your kids healthy by modelling an exercise routine or eating healthy foods is a fantastic way of passing on good habits. The sooner your kids embrace the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, the better off they will be while growing up and in their adult life. 

You can help them find sports clubs or introduce them to activities that they like. Again, this combines with a routine, as it will help them keep busy on some evenings and weekends, and gives them something to look forward to. 

Give Them Support 

Home stability is not possible without parental support. You and your partner must be there for your children and help them overcome all the difficulties they face. 

However, not everyone has the privilege of a supposed ‘traditional’ family setup. This isn’t to say single parents are less capable of offering support. But having a spouse or partner who is there permanently, whether because they are citizens or through a spouse visa extension for couples from different countries, will ensure your child (and you) get the full spectrum of support to guarantee a stable and happy household. 

Safe and Stable 

A safe and stable home is crucial for a child’s development. They will learn how to deal with issues in their life and obtain crucial skills that can help them succeed at school, work, and in their personal lives. All of this comes from their home, so you should do all you can to provide as much stability as possible.


  Photo by Polina Tankilevitch: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-taking-pill-3873209/ Are you currently using medication for a health con...

Caring For Your Health: Are Your Medications Causing Health Risks?


Photo by Polina Tankilevitch: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-taking-pill-3873209/

Are you currently using medication for a health concern? If so, you need to be aware that certain medications can pose certain health risks. Although medication is there to help your health, you need to be careful about interactions they might cause.

Using this guide, you can understand what you need to be careful about while taking certain medications.

Be careful about driving

There are various medications and ingredients that can affect you while driving. For instance, you might choose to use medical cannabis to manage pain. 

Using cannabis and then driving is illegal. You can’t do this and should never do it. If you are using medical cannabis to treat insomnia or anxiety, be careful not to drive for a while after. 

It can be difficult to know exactly how long cannabis stays in your system after use. If you use it often, it will stay longer. It also stays much longer in your blood and urine than it does in your saliva. Your saliva is what they can detect if you are driving.

You will want to know how long cannabis in your system if you use it on the odd occasion. You might not realize that it will be detectable if you get pulled over while driving. It can stay in your system for anywhere between 12 hours and 3 days, so be careful if you use it for sleep and need to drive the following day. It is best to use other methods for sleeping if you know you need to drive. You don’t want to risk getting pulled over and fined.

Protect your hormones ladies

Certain medications can play a part in women’s hormones. Certain ingredients can boost hormones while others can suppress them. 

For example, using daily aspirin can affect a woman’s hormonal cycle. Hence, you might wish to speak with your doctor for an alternative so that you don’t impact your hormones and make sure you maintain regular periods. Regular periods might be better for your health than the medication you are using to manage an ailment. Hence, you can find alternatives to make sure you can protect your female health and stay calm.

Weight loss might not be what you’re looking for

Although certain medications and ingredients can be used for weight loss, you might not be aware that a medication you are using can cause weight loss. If this isn’t what you are looking for or need, it can be dangerous. 

For example, antidepressants can cause weight loss. Although you might need them to help your mental health, it can be good to find medications without certain ingredients so you can maintain good health and weight.

Although you can use many medications without harm, you need to look out for interactions so that you can protect your health. It might be worth speaking with a doctor before using medications so you can protect your current health. You need to only use ingredients that will benefit you.

Using this guide, you can find the best tips to make sure you are protecting your health wihle using medications. 

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After the loss of a loved one the pain is unreal, me and my husband broke up in November of 2019 and I felt like my world had ended, he stay...

Grief is weird

After the loss of a loved one the pain is unreal, me and my husband broke up in November of 2019 and I felt like my world had ended, he stayed with us til the January of 2020, we had Christmas together and new years but it wasn't right. We loved eachother but too much had happened between us that it just couldn't work.

April of 2020 just before lockdown I met someone..Damo, I was expecting a fling, or friends with benefits at the least and I got way more than I bargained for. Happy to say the least I wasn't in it 100% and shortly after it ended. In the June I moved into a new place, a fresh start for me and my kids but I never quite got over not being with my husband, we slept together often, even with him sleeping about too he was my invisible tether and I was drawn to him.

In the October of 2020 the guy I met was back on the scene, not that he ever left as we were friends but we were more romantically involved, we spent my birthday together then Christmas and New year but again shortly after it was over because I was drawn back to my husband.

2021 came and I asked my husband for another baby, he agreed and we started trying, soon after (May) I fell pregnant with my third child. There was a lot of controversy that year about who's baby it was, although I knew deep down it was my husband's and all the scans looked exactly like him. We had Christmas just me and the kids that year and boxing day with my husband and his other two children. The day after we all found out we had COVID and I was booked into hospital to be induced 4 days after I was due. On the 30th December Felicity was born and although I couldn't have my husband with me because we had COVID I had support from my mum.

2022 soon came and we had a weird year, lots of arguing and difficult times came but still lots of being drawn to each other, we spent Christmas together that year and had a beautiful family Christmas together. We had Felicity's first birthday and then new years eve. And although we still argued we told eachother how we felt and that was it.

January 2023 came with the shittiest entrance ever, Felicity was in hospital for an accident a few days later I was at A&E for a headphone bud stuck in my ear and then a few days later my husband got rushed in for a heart attack, I got a call that night to come to the hospital because he might not make it. My heart was in full panic mode. I arrived at 11.10 and they put me in a room with a few chairs, I knew that this was it, he wasn't coming back, then I was told he had died at 11.02. My whole world came crumbling down and thankfully I had my mum there with me cause I just broke.

I saw him on the ER table and although he still felt a bit warm I knew he had gone. The next few weeks/months were a big blur, I was hurting, I had to tell his family, my kids, his kids, plan a funeral and a wake and sort out his flat. Everything set me off and hurt like hell, I'd find myself talking to him because we spoke all the time before and it just killed me, I was so low and then someone came to save me.

Damo was always there in the background, he knew what had happened and obviously gave me time but also was there when I needed him, he didn't mind the crying or the silent cuddles and has always been so good with my babies. The pain was still there but he made it bearable and got me out of that hole I was getting myself into. Soon after we decided that we wanted to try again, it was soon but felt right. He didn't take advantage or expect anything more and the love he gives me is just beautiful and I'm so thankful for that.

Last night we watched a show on TV, one of the characters mum was dying in hospital and when she got there they were lead to a room with sofas and a box of tissues. The raw emotion I got from this scene was immense, it was dark and upsetting for me, reminding me that I lost him and he's gone. Reminding me of that moment I knew in my heart that he was taken from me and our babies. 

Thankfully in that moment I had my safety person, that just held me in that moment validated my emotion and knew that I just needed silence and to be held. And although it's probably weird as hell for him and abit shit, he knew deep down how I felt and accepted that it's just a part of me now.

Grief is shit, there's no other way of describing it, it's raw pain and emotion and happy memories and a reminder that they were here and a huge part of our lives. 

But I'm glad, I've found my person, someone who maybe doesn't get it but is present regardless. And for that I am thankful.

Fancy some snacks that aren't available at your local store? Watching your favourite TV series and they have that Pocky you can't fi...

Snacking Right With Morueats

Fancy some snacks that aren't available at your local store? Watching your favourite TV series and they have that Pocky you can't find anywhere? Or just fancy trying something new? Well Morueats have a wide variety of snacks from Asia to hit the spot!

We got gifted an amazing snack box that was jam packed with treats, some I've never heard of before that were absolutely devine, others I had heard of but never had the chance to taste so was extremely pleased.

There was flavours from green tea to passion fruit, mango, chocolate, strawberry and a whole load more, in the box was Pocky, Hello Panda, Ramen, Choco Pie, Hi-Chew, soul fruit and some Want Want Senbi rice crackers.

My personal favourite were the Koalas March white milk snacks, they were filled with creamy chocolate and so delicious they are little biscuits filled with creamy white chocolate printed with little Koalas on top.

On the site there is a wide variety of items to choose from, snacks, sweets, crisps, pantry items and even bundles of sushi making items or a Matcha green tea bundle. 

So head over to Morueats and pick some snacks to try and when you sign up to their newsletter you can save £3 on your first two orders! 

Are you looking for an effective way to shape and sculpt your figure? Shapewear is a great option if you're seeking a fast and easy solu...

How Can Shapewear Assist You In Achieving Your Ideal Figure?

Are you looking for an effective way to shape and sculpt your figure? Shapewear is a great option if you're seeking a fast and easy solution for achieving the silhouette of your dreams. 

If you've been debating buying shapewear but aren't sure what it can do, this guide will provide all the information needed to help you decide whether it's right for you. We'll explore the different types of shapewear available, explain how they work together with exercise and dieting to create an ideal figure, plus look at how shapewear can make clothes fit better regardless of your body type! Read on if you want to find out how shapewear could be a game changer in amplifying your beauty goals.

To use shapewear to help you achieve your ideal body shape is to work out what your body shape is right now and then find the shapewear that complements it. By knowing your body type will give you an idea on which areas to focus on when you put on your body shaper. This versatile foundation wear can be used to accentuate certain body parts like the breast or derriere or to hide problem areas like belly and thighs. A bodysuit is great for slimming the tummy while a pair of butt lifting shapewear can give the rear a boost.

PowerConceal™ Seamless Body Contour Bodysuit

Look no further than this singlet with a seamless design that guarantees a smooth appearance no matter what outfit you choose. But that's not all - this shapewear also gives you control over your tummy, hips, and thighs. You can wear your own bra for maximum comfort and support. You'll feel confident and comfortable all day long thanks to the buttery touch of this shapewear. 

Choose The Right Type Of Shapewear

When trying to achieve your ideal figure, it is important to choose shapewear that is right for your body. The shapewear's level of control, style and design will determine the shape you would end up looking once you have put it on. Therefore, it is vital that you ensure how the shapewear matches your goals.

If you have some bulges that you want to smooth out so that you can wear your clothes more comfortably, you would need light control shapewear that can be worn everyday without changing your body shape too drastically. If you would like to accentuate your curves and show off your figure, you would need a firm control shapewear that will add subtle contours to your body shape. For the time like special occasions where you want to put on formal wear like prom gowns, wedding dresses or evening gowns, you would need shapewear that offer extra firm control. Choosing the right type of shapewear that can target your problem areas will be able to help you create the body shape you want.

Long-Term Shaping

When investing in shapewear, you may want to purchase something that is long term rather than just for one day. Shapewear can actually help you to achieve your ideal body shape if you are committed. If you choose a tummy control bodysuit and wear it daily, you can start to change the curves your body to match the body shaper.

NeoSweat® Moisture-Wicking Sports Jumpsuit

Looking to get Fit with a capital "F"? NeoSweat® Moisture-Wicking Sports Jumpsuit is the ultimate workout partner. With its heat-trapping lining and moisture-wicking fabric, this jumpsuit will keep you cool and comfortable, no matter how intense your workout. And with the added bonus of side pockets, you won't have to worry about where to stash your phone and keys during your gym time. This sports jumpsuit is perfect for anyone looking to burn fat and build muscle while staying stylish and comfortable. 

The Areas You Want The Support

Before purchasing the shaping garment, determine which body parts would you like more support for or help toning under clothing. Below are the main options to identify what you are looking for:-

Full body - Some women want more help and support in multiple areas. Then a one-piece body shaper like a full bodysuit will offer an all-over slimmer physique.

PowerConceal™ Everyday Wear Smooth Bodysuits

PowerConceal™ Everyday Wear Smooth Bodysuits - the perfect for all of your layering needs! Made with the highest-quality, lightweight, and super stretchy fabric, these body-hugging bodysuits were designed to fit and flatter any body type. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just need a comfortable layering piece for everyday wear, these bodysuits have got you covered. 

Torso - Shapewear that are designed for your midsection will help you to flatten and shape your flabby tummy and cinch the waist.

Bottom - If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your hips, then you should look for shapewear that are designed for the bottom like a pair of booty shaping shorts. These body shapers will be able to lift and contour your derriere as well as tone and slim the thighs.

AirSlim® Boned Sculpt High Waist Shorts

AirSlim® Boned Sculpt High Waist Shorts are perfect for creating an hourglass figure that boosts your self-esteem and confidence. The boned sculpt technology of these shorts also helps to smooth out any unwanted lumps or bumps, giving you a flawless look that is sure to turn heads.

Women's sports can be an invaluable way to enhance mental wellbeing. Not only can physical activity help fight stress and depression, bu...

6 Sports To Help Improve Mental Well-being

Women's sports can be an invaluable way to enhance mental wellbeing. Not only can physical activity help fight stress and depression, but it can also give women a platform on which they can form supportive relationships that provide vital emotional support in times of trouble.

Here Are A Few Ideas For Using Women's Sports To Improve Mental Wellbeing:

1. Hiking:

For those in search of outdoor activities to improve both their physical and mental health, why not give hiking a try? Not only does this exciting pastime provide much-needed fresh air, but studies have also demonstrated its beneficial properties, such as decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety while increasing positive emotions, such as joy and peace. So put on those hiking boots and explore nature!

2. Yoga:

One effective method to foster mental wellbeing is through yoga. As an ancient art combining physical poses and breathing exercises, yoga strengthens muscle flexibility, improves posture, increases blood flow throughout the body, and relaxes the mind for improved overall well-being. Aside from increasing mobility and flexibility benefits such as increased mobility and flexibility, practising yoga also can reduce stress levels, alleviate symptoms associated with depression or anxiety disorders, boost moods and confidence levels as well as decrease chronic pain levels.

3. Running:

Going for a run can be more than just exercise; it can also provide much-needed "me time" while improving both your physical and mental well-being! Not only can running improve cardiovascular health, stamina, and muscle strength, but it has been linked with reduced anxiety symptoms, decreased stress levels, enhanced problem-solving skills, and better concentration capabilities - not to mention improved energy levels!

4. Swimming:

Another excellent way to boost mental well being is through swimming. As it offers low-impact exercise, it can also help individuals to become fit without risking injury or burnout. Swimming has long been known to reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, and even combat depression - so for anyone wanting an easy yet active solution for improving mental well-being - swimming could be just what is needed!

5. Team Sports: 

Playing team sports can do more than improve physical health - it can also provide great mental well-being benefits! Joining a recreational sports team or league provides opportunities to meet new people and increase self-confidence levels in a safe environment while improving relationships and self-worth. Team sports offer the ideal blend of physical activity, competition, and support among teammates that leads to improved well-being overall. Furthermore, investing in a sport kit may reduce stress levels while offering an outlet for pent-up emotions.

6. Cycling:

No matter your skill level or cycling experience, jumping on a bicycle can help improve both physical and mental well-being! Not only can cycling provide physical advantages such as increased cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength gains; studies have also linked it with better moods, stress relief and enhanced problem-solving abilities - as well as helping combat feelings of loneliness or isolation; studies show that cyclists who incorporate cycling into their daily routine report feeling less socially isolated than on-cyclists.

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