Sunday, 29 May 2016

Toilet training update!

So we started potty/toilet training a while ago!

It wasn't going so good, lots of wet pants, lost of just weeing in pull ups, she was just going when she wanted on the potty and that was it!

That then turned into going on the potty alot and occasionally the toilet (she only used the toilet at her dad's as she didn't like his potty), but she was still weeing and pooping in pull ups!
So me and her dad had a discussion to put her in big girl knickers! So that's exactly what we did, we got lots of pants and she wore them in the day but a nappy still at night!

She decided she liked the toilet better so doesn't use the potty at all now, but it had a removable seat to go on the toilet and a hard lid so turns into a step for her too! So we're she now goes on the toilet almost every time, she wears pants to nursery and only has  1 or 2 accidents (only ever wee) while she's there and none at home!

So we've made huge progress! I love that she's using the toilet like a big girl and she's getting alot of praise for it! We just wish we would of done big girl pants straight away to save all that money on pull ups!

Now to tackle nights! Haha just kidding! Not yet!

Let us know how you toilet trained in the comments below! 👇