Sunday, 30 April 2017

It's May!!

It's May!! Where the bloody hell has this year gone?!
We've got such a busy month ahead of us and it's all so exciting :)
Only 4 days til were off to Spain! It's going to be amazing and beautiful and all inclusive too ;) (not that I'll be drinking that much alcohol with my 2 monsters to look after) Hopefully I will get a lovely tan or just really fat from all the free food!
And In 20 days my baby boy will be 1! Actually a whole freekin year!!
I can't believe it's gone so quick, it only seems like yesterday I was writing his birth story having those little squishes with him!
He has grown up so much and is doing amazing at everything and is honestly the happiest baby I know!

I've also got my theory test again this month! (I'm gonna pass this time!) And a few more driving lessons too so hopefully I will get back into it after having a break for my holiday!
Olli will have to have his 1 year booster injections and it is gonna be awful :( gonna make me cry so much!
Lilli is starting Ballet lessons after our holiday! She is so excited to start we've had half term and bits in the way of her starting so it's going to be lovely for her!
I'm thinking about volunteering opportunities for either a local chairty or something like that, I think it will help with my mental health problems and get me back into working so then I can start trying to find a full time job.
Hope your all well and have a lovely May too!
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Mumma x
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