Monday, 3 July 2017

Kids Zone Fun Foam Bath Review

Recently we ran out of bubble bath for the kids and what we had previously used was total rubbish, it left a thin layer of bubbles on top and disappeared quickly so it was time for a change!
So we ventured out to our local Home Bargins and decided to pick some new stuff up, now lilli is terrible at deciding on things so I just picked up the nicest smelling stuff I could find and oh my! I found it, and for a bargin price too! At 89p who could grumble.
Kids zone foam bath

Cherry and almond foam bath! And it smelt delicious, so we got home and that night ran a bath, we added the foam bath and lordy Lord it smelt beautiful, the consistency was nice and thick and it made the biggest foamy bubbles I had ever seen from a bubble bath, the bottle also said it was extra kind and gentle so for preschool children it's a brilliant selling point!
Lilli and Olli really enjoyed playing with the bubbles and there was a good 3-4 inch layer on top of the water to play with :) they made bubble beards and bubble hat's too, it was wonderful seeing them so happy whilst getting clean in the bath.
Kids zone foam bath

The only other thing I could say is that I can't ever get them out of the bath now because they love it so much! And every night they ask for bubbles too :)
I will honestly recommend this to anyone! I may even try some myself when I get 5 minutes peace to have a bath Instead of that 2 min mum strip shower I get in the morning.
So if your looking for a amazing bubble bath this is most definitely the one to go buy, it's cheap, it smells beautiful and it's so much fun!!

I hope you found this review helpful and leave a comment below if you would like to see more reviews :)

Kids zone foam bath

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