Wednesday, 2 August 2017

When you can't be a mummy

So I'm ill again, what a fantastic supprise! Super awesome sofa days of not being able to give love or hold your kids because your riddled with a contagious disease of fuckery!

This is one of those times where you think why oh why? Out of all the times I've asked you dear god of mine, for a simple day off from not having the kids, this was NOT my idea of that! This is probably some kind of sick joke isn't it?! Some shitty week long torture of mouthy crapness! Yes if you haven't guessed it I have Septic Tonsillitis :( 

I can't move myself, I can't eat or drink properly, I have huge migranes and I can't swallow at all it hurts so bad, I've been sick and had fever it's been horrendous, and I just can't be a mummy :(

I feel like I've been given the shittiest parent award, whenever they want me I've either been passed out or I'm up being sick it must be so horrible for them to see, all the times they have asked for hugs and Im having to point my face in the whole other direction trying not to breathe on them, same with kisses I've had to refuse resulting in numerous paddys on the floor! (Sorry lils)

But now I'm better, now I'm free of this shitty illness and in slowish recovery thanks to Mr. Antibiotic! I'm back to the land of the living, back to enjoying the summer holidays, and now it's bloody raining *facepalm* and to top it all off mike is now ill so it's totally a roll reversal but at least I get my cuddles, I get my lovely kisses and grubby hands to clean but that's just part of being a mummy after all!

So thanks Mr . Tonsillitis for the break? I think! Not sure that's what I meant of having time off but it's done now!

Hope you've all been well this week!
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