So you've just got engaged?! It was magical, romantic and perfect but now you have this wedding to think of! Planning a wedding can be m...

Wedding Planning Tips ft. Festive Lights

By January 30, 2018

So you've just got engaged?! It was magical, romantic and perfect but now you have this wedding to think of! Planning a wedding can be mega stressful, but lucky for you I'm doing it too!
I'm getting married in September so I have 8 months to throw a wedding together and did I mention its a joint wedding too! Yeah! My mum is getting married as well! So DOUBLE the planning to do!

So I've teamed up with Festive Lights to share some tips to make your wedding planning journey a breeze!

festive lightsfestive lights
Pick a date and theme - Now this may seem a little obvious but honestly its so hard, Pick and Stick to a date, don't change it unless its a mega emergency, this is your foundation, same goes with your theme, its so important and you will base so many decisions just on this alone its crazy.

  • Don't make you theme too complicated.
  • Pick a date that's good for you - forget about anyone else. (unless your having a joint wedding like me then you have to compromise)
  • DONT CHANGE IT!! (plus you'd probably loose deposits if you did)
The Legal Bit- Make sure you have all the right legal documents, birth certificate, adoption papers, deed poll, passport, driving licence, you will need at least some of these to get your marriage licence so make sure you have it all, we still had to get mikes deed poll and birth certificate before we could approach the registry office, Keep them all in a safe place so when you need them they're all together.

Venue- Whether it be for the ceremony or the reception a venue has to suit your needs, it doesn't have to be fancy and you can always spruce it up with some Festive Lights Like these that have been featured in Bride Magazine:

festive lightsfestive lights

The trick is to find somewhere you love but also somewhere practical so a ballroom for only 70 guests would just be too big or a small pub for 150 would be too small! We have chose our reception venue, its a local pub with a lovely atmosphere and its FREE so what more could we want!!
festive lights
The Guest List- For a joint wedding this is the hard bit, we can only have so many guests at the ceremony but luckily were family so some of our guests are on their guest list too so that cuts it down a bit! The tip is to not invite everyone, Unless you have a mega huge budget inviting everyone may not be affordable. Build your guest list by inviting close friends and family then working your way through the extra guests, give yourself a rough number and try to stick to it!

Décor- So I've already said about picking and sticking to a theme but making sure its all perfect is another thing altogether, try not to go too O.T.T. or anything that's too complicated, simplicity is key so you don't have to worry about it all on the day. A string of balloons or candle centrepieces are beautiful and simple and sometimes can work out really cheap too! There's always something affordable to fit your theme and it can look beautiful too.

festive lights

Budget - It costs ALOT for a wedding but sometimes having what you want just isn't practical, try and budget or even haggle for the price you want, you never know unless you ask and you may be pleasantly surprised. Obviously some things are worth paying for but keep it in mind its just one day/night and is it worth the money?

Make a checklist- If your new here you should know I love lists! I have them everywhere for everything and its a pet hate for Michael but that's how I work!
Make a checklist for the whole wedding, put it on a board or the front of a planning folder and mark things off as you do them, keeping a paper trail is also handy print emails or confirmation letters and keep them in a folder so if anything goes wrong with what you thought would happen you have evidence to check on.

If you liked this post let me know :D
and tell me what your wedding planning tips are in the comments below, keep checking back for more wedding posts coming soon!

Much Love

*This is a collaborative post, Imagery provided by Festive Lights*

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