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Valentine's Day As A Family

By February 04, 2018


Valentine’s day is much more than the love of a couple. When you have a family, that love extends to your children. So, although you might be heading out for a fancy date with your other half, why not spend the day with your whole family simply celebrating the love you have for each other. ​A day with the family​ doesn’t have to mean spending loads of money or going miles out of the way; you can celebrate at home easily enough. 

Day Out 
A day out can be amazing; a chance to get out of the house and to experience something new. With spring creeping in, being outdoors isn’t as terrible a thing to think about, so why not go somewhere like ​
Kids Farm Village​, where you can play with some animals and enjoy a day in the country. Or, if you have older kids, maybe you go to a theme park like Thornton Park for the day and get enough thrills to see you through the last of the winter frost. 

Going to the cinema can be a fun and different experience for your children, and there are some great films coming out over this month. Splash out and find your local luxury cinema and sprawl on a sofa and be served drinks while you watch. Or you can create a home movie experience. Build a fort and watch something on a laptop or tablet beneath the covers, or buy in all the naughty snacks you tell your kids (and yourself) not to eat. Add in a glass of wine for the grown-ups and a takeaway, and your day will be set. 

Craft Day 
Why not spend the day making something together? You can ​
make it as a gift​, or just for yourself.
Why not combine a craft day with your movie night and bake some delicious treats to have? Keep it valentine’s themed with heart-shaped biscuits and cake, angel cupcakes, pink and red icing.

Going out for dinner doesn’t have to be just for you and your partner - a family meal out can be so much fun. It might be an idea to steer clear of the more romantic restaurants if you don’t want your kids seeing some serious valentine’s PDA. Choose your favourite place to go and enjoy it. Or you can cook the family favourite meal at home. Make things more festive with ​
heart-shaped cutters​ to shape the meal. 

Why not bring the extended family into the mix and have a Valentine's party? It doesn’t have to be a huge bash, but you can easily have people over. Ask each person to bring part of the meal or an addition to a buffet, that way the cost and responsibility is spread. Extend your movie night to more members of the family, or let your kids invite their friends around.

Let me know what you have planned for the family this valentines day?!

Much Love

*This is a collaborative post*

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  1. Great suggestions! I love the idea of doing something together as a family.