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Make Your First Date Unforgettable With These 8 Science-Based Tips

By March 21, 2023


When you're over 30 and single, sometimes it feels like the odds are stacked against you. You want to find someone special, but it seems like everyone else is coupled up. Don't worry – we've got your back! This blog post will give you eight science-backed tips to make your first date unforgettable. So whether you're meeting a new flame for coffee or dinner, read on for some tips to help make the night go well.

1) Start with a positive attitude:

It's been scientifically proven that having a positive outlook about the date can make it more enjoyable for both parties. Even if things don't go according to plan, stay optimistic and be open-minded about new experiences.

2) Engage in conversation:

Studies have shown that people are more attracted to others who listen intently and ask thoughtful questions. So put away your phone and engage your date in good conversation – ask them questions (but not too many!) and really listen to what they say.

3) Smile more:

Smiles are incredibly contagious – research suggests that smiling more can make your date feel more at ease and even make them smile back. So don't be afraid to show off those pearly whites! Wahroonga Dental will make sure your teeth are looking their best before the big date.

4) Find common ground:

Look for topics you both have in common and use them to spark a conversation. Do they like the same type of music as you? Did they recently read the same book? Discussing shared interests can be an effective way to create a connection with someone.

5) Let go of expectations:

If you want your first date to be successful, it's important to let go of any unrealistic expectations or anxieties about how it should play out. Enjoy the moment and focus on getting to know each other without putting too much pressure on yourselves.

6) Self-care:

It's important to take care of yourself before any date. Make sure you get enough rest the night before, eat a good breakfast in the morning, and engage in calming activities like yoga or meditation if they help.

7) Dress appropriately:

Your attire should reflect how you want your date to remember you. Avoid anything too flashy or revealing – instead, opt for something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. You should also make sure you smell nice, but don't overdo it with cologne or perfume.

8) Make eye contact:

When someone looks into your eyes while they're talking to you, it will make you look more confident in yourself. It also helps create an emotional connection between two people – so don't be afraid to look into their eyes when speaking or listening.

Having a successful first date isn't impossible – it just requires some planning and preparation. Be sure to follow these eleven science-based tips, and you'll be sure to make a great impression! Who knows, maybe your first date will even lead to the beginnings of something special. With time, patience, and mutual respect, anything is possible. Good luck!

Disclosure - This is a collaborative post.

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