You’ve been married for a while, and maybe the fire’s dwindling a bit. It’s normal. Couples go through waves of emotions throughout the...

3 Easy Ways to Keep the Love Alive

By April 20, 2019

You’ve been married for a while, and maybe the fire’s dwindling a bit. It’s normal. Couples go through waves of emotions throughout the course of a long relationship, and it’s only expected that your feelings might change every now and then. Sometimes you’ll wake up and look at your partner through rose tinted glasses, and on other days, you’d want to be left completely alone.
But as any couple knows, making an effort to rekindle that fire every time it starts to feel weak is one of the challenges of a committed relationship. Contributing to that end and dedicating your time and energy towards keeping the love alive will be one of the best relationship investments you can make for your partner.
Wondering what you can do today to spark a positive change in your partnership? Here are a few suggestions.

Be Kind with Your Words

You can probably name one instance off the top of your head when your partner made you feel less than happy with something they said. It’s always easier to remember the bad things. That’s why love psychologists recommend looking for something positive to say at least once a day.
Being comfortable in a relationship makes it easy to forget to appreciate all the things that our partners do for us. So taking the time to write a long, thoughtful message or to say something kind face to face will help secure your partner in your love and make you more aware and appreciative of the sacrifices they make for you.

Glam Up Every Now and Then

We all love a husband who can embrace us and still call us the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world - messy bun, stained shirt, and all. But even if he still sees your beauty at the end of a tiring day with the kids, there’s no harm in dressing up for him every now and then.
Find a day of the week when you can leave the kids with a babysitter or their grandparents and plan a special night with your guy. It can be a simple dinner at home or a night out on the town. Whatever the case, make sure you dress up for it by putting on your best outfit. Spritzing on a sensual scent doesn’t hurt, of course. Check out the selection at Copycat Fragrances and find a sexy perfume to bump up your sex appeal and keep your man hooked all night.

Give a Massage

Physical touch is one of the main love languages, and it works wonders for couples hoping to establish a more intimate bond. Whether it’s a subtle back rub while he watches TV, or an all-out spa treatment that you took the time to study, relaxing him with your hands communicates a deep sense of love and emotional connection. Some couples even schedule massages throughout the week, taking turns to make their partner feel loved and special for a healthy, happy marriage.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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